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First Arab-Israeli War 1947-49*

עבד אל-קאדר אל-חוסייני (במרכז), שפעל באזור ירושלים, עם לוחמי מיליציה ערבים, פברואר 1948 צילום: נחלת הכלל

Palestine War 1947-1948

The Israeli War of Independence had two main phases. The first phase is the 1947–1948 civil war in Mandatory Palestine.

First Arab-Israeli War (Second Phase) 1948-49

Following the Israeli declaration of independence there was an immediate invasion of Palestine by the surrounding Arab armies and expeditionary forces in order to prevent the establishment of Israel and to aid the Palestinian Arabs. The invasion marked the beginning of the second phase of the war, the 1948-9 Arab–Israeli War. 

The “Arab Israeli War 1948-1949” is a documentary explaining the political background of the First Arab-Israeli War of 1948.


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