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Jerusalem historical impressions 1900 – 1918 First pictures from Palestine **

Chronos and his child by Giovanni Francesco Romanelli, National Museum in Warsaw, a 17th-century depiction of Titan Cronus as "Father Time," wielding a harvesting scythe Public Domain

First pictures from Palestine 1900 – 1918

“First pictures from Palestine 1900 – 1918” can only be viewed on YouTube and cannot be embedded in our blot. However we recommend that you view this historical film of footage from the Holy Land, Palestine, and Jerusalem from the years 1900-1918 HERE.

Historical film with footage from the Holy Land. Former trips by Europeans and especially the Holy Land and the actual situation of Jerusalem and Palestine in the interest range of different powers or ethnic groups.

  • 00:10 The city’s skyline Jaffa in 1903 seen from the sea, travelers arriving by ship, observations of oriental daily life
  • 01:38 Western “tourists” or pilgrims in suits and women with skirt and hat on donkeys guided by locals. Jews at the Wailing Wall.
  • 03:01 Swing over the Temple Mount with Dome of the Rock. Tombs and ruins beneath the Temple Mount and from the city.
  • 03:26 Swing over the skyline of Jerusalem and the mighty city walls with battlements.
  • 04:05 Scooping water from the Jordan (as a souvenir for the traveler)
  • 04:27 Arrival of Emperor Wilhelm II on the banks of the Bosphorus, who is received by Ottoman officers. Wilhelm II. during the inspection of Turkish troops.
  • 05:42 Occupation of Jerusalem by British and Australian riders end 1917. Entrance of Kaiser Wilhelm II. British and French officers and soldiers through the Jaffa Gate.
  • 06:23 Reading the declaration on the protection of the Holy Places by the Allies. Representatives of Christian are welcomed by Allied officers.
  • 06:48 Muslim procession, also attended by Egyptian soldiers of the British Army toward a mosque, which is the third-most important Muslim shrine of Jerusalem
  • 08:08 Australian soldiers at the city tour in the old town. Arab workers on road construction for the northward withdrawing allied with British minders
  • 09:19 Faisal, future king of Syria and its people welcomes Lawrence from Arabia, who had initiated the Arab revolt against the Ottoman rule (Lawrence is unfortunately only be seen from behind)
  • 09:54 Arrival of the Zionist Commission in Palestine in April 1918: men with suits and white hats and black hats and men with beards are passing

Bengt von zur Mühlen

Bengt von zur Mühlen (1932 – 2016) was a German film producer , contemporary historical author and founder of the company Chronos Media. His documentary films and publications deal mainly with the German history of the 20th century to the post-war years, with a focus on the Third Reich and resistance to National Socialism .

Chronos Media

Chronos Media is the largest independent private archive in Germany, distributing historical film material from 1900 to the threshold of the digital age. Chronos believes in shaping a better future through a well-grounded understanding of contemporary historical phenomena. Anyone who understands history understands the human being – thus laying the foundation for a just world.

Bengt von zur Mühlen (right) with his wife Irmgard von zur Mühlen and Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker Photo:JohannSiegert
Bengt von zur Mühlen (right) with his wife Irmgard von zur Mühlen and Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker
Photo: JohannSiegert First pictures from Palestine

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