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Free Israel Travel Apps

How to plan an itinerary in Israel? Is this Israeli attraction family friendly? Is this Israeli museum accessible? Israelandyou has collected free Israel travel apps to allow you to plan, control and understand where you are going in Israel. Take a look and tell us your experiences with these new apps.

Check in Israel

‘Check In’ will maximize your travel experience!

• All the helpful information for getting your trip to the top• Great attractions, events, special itineraries and much more• Developed for tourists, locals and hotel’s guests• Stay in a hotel? easily contact to all guests facilitiesStill out? ‘Check In’.
Languages: AR | NL | EN | FR | DE | HE | IT | JA | RU | ZH | ES
Available in the App Store


Guide to Hebrew from Birthright Israel NEXT
HebrewNEXT is the official Hebrew flashcard app of Birthright Israel NEXT, bringing Hebrew right to your iPhone, and making it quick and easy to learn. Whether you’ve never studied Hebrew or are just looking for a refresher, HebrewNEXT offers a fun way to pick up Hebrew on-the-go! Featuring a bank of key phrases for travel in Israel or practice at home, HebrewNEXT offers translations, transliterations, and audio pronunciations, all designed to put Hebrew at your fingertips.Birthright Israel NEXT is thrilled to offer this app, free of charge, as part of its package of Hebrew language opportunities. To learn more, visit* Hebrew to English translations
* Easy-to-read English transliterations
* Audio of Hebrew words to facilitate correct pronunciation
Created by RustyBrick
Languages: EN
Available in the App Store
Travel apps

Next Train

ONE TOUCH way to Israel Railways
Easiest and Quickest way to see next train information!
One touch – and your got all the info about the train YOU NEED. Departure time, direction, platform – all of it.No searching through time-tables! One touch – and it’s like you’re at the station YOU NEED.
Just choose the station and see all relevant data!All trains info, including platform, given in order of departure (North vs. South marked in color).
One more touch and you see all route and stops data about the chosen train!!The program remembers your usual choices.What added value do you get?
You can sit in a cafe or at a business meeting and you can know what your train options at this second are IN JUST ONE TOUCH and at the station YOU need.
You can always optimize your train choice and make the right train just in time.It doesn’t get easier or quicker than that!!

Languages: AR | EN | HE | RU

Available in the App Store

Like Israel

*Like Israel* allows you to add a ‘LIKE’ stamp on top of pictures you take in Israel. You simply point your iPhone camera on the object/view you want to take picture of, adjust the Like stamp, and take the picture. You’ll be able to also add a status and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.This app was created during the ‘Like For Israel’ Hackathone project, in order to expose Israel’s beautiful landscape and sites, and to promote Israel in general.‘LIKE for Israel’ aims to create a global Internet task force, connecting pro-Israel activists from all political circles, professional and geographical backgrounds and
strengthen the Pro-Israel presence on the web.This App is free! Feel free to use it and share with your friends.
Languages: EN
Available in the App Store


Well, what Waze did for cars, Israeli start-up NetBus does for public transportation. Available only in Israel for now, Netbus pulls real-time data from the GPS tracking reported every 20 seconds to servers at the Ministry of Transportation, providing real-time data about whatever public bus you are waiting for. On the screen, the user sees a map showing the progress of the bus in traffic.


Whether you’re in Tel Aviv, London, New York, Paris, Berlin or Moscow, if you have this app you never have to stand on the curb hailing a cab. The GetTaxi mobile phone app lets you request a cab from a call center with a screen tap. You can watch on the screen, in real time, as your taxi approaches. The app also provides your driver’s picture, name, license number and ratings by other users.


Chronus City

Chronus City is an easy-to-use, self-guided tour app for locals & first-time visitors alike. Tours are written by professional tour guides, local enthusiasts & heritage foundations, on topics ranging from history to food, crime to politics, people to architecture and design. Currently only available in Tel Aviv, with new tours and locations added regularly.

The app provides a selection of crowd-sourced, location-based tours, which allow users to experience local heritage like never before. Each tour combines maps, text, images, audio and video to tell a great story. Offline mode lets users download tours in Wi-Fi zones, to avoid costly roaming charges.

Content contributors can upload tours, tell stories and share their homes, using our custom-built web interface.

Whether it’s your first time in the city, or you’ve lived here all your life, there’s always a place, a person or a story to discover.

Availability: Currently tours are available in Tel Aviv, Israel

Features: GPS-guided tours, Browse dozens of tours on a range of topics. Find interesting things to do in new locations. Audio, video, pictures and text, Step-by-step map tours (online and offline)
Language:English, Hebrew, French
Offline mode
Facebook and Twitter integration
Social media and email sharing

FREE, Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.1 or later.


The Tel Aviv Jaffa Guide provides users with images and accurate descriptions of Tel Aviv- Jaffa’s most popular attractions, including museums, city tours, restaurants and bars, sights and hotels. The Guide highlights the very best the city has to offer, helping travelers discover local favorites while allowing them to contact any venue by phone, get directions via Google maps and email a friend details about the venue and more.
The guide also provides a weekly updates regarding current events in the city such as: street parties, concerts, exhibitions, fairs and much more.
VISIT-TLV will give you the option to search restaurants and pubs according to genres.

VISIT-TLV Categories:

1. Restaurants.
2. Pubs.
3. Café.
4. Museums.
5. Hotels.
6. Free Guided Tours.
7. Walking Routes.
8. Public Art
9. What’s on

Language: English


Requires iOS 3.0 or later



The application that will reveal Haifa to you, with its variety of cultural, entertainment and accomodation options. It will match places of interest to your location in town, save favorites and supply useful information about opening hours and whatever else is important when one gets to Haifa. All phone numbers of restaurants, cafes and pubs are given (shared with 2eat).

Requires iOS 4.3 or later.


Language: English / Hebrew


Haifa Map and Walks

This Lite version of the walking tours app comes with a detailed and fully functional city map to assist you explore the city and locate sights. City map functions in this app include: street name and business (restaurants, cafes, etc.), search, location bookmarking, `Findme` (iPhone and iPad 3G model), movement auto-tracking (iPhone and iPad 3G model), and more.

Walking tours included in this application are:

* Museums in Haifa (6 sights)
* Bat Galim Neighborhood (10 sights)
* Bahá’í World Centre (8 sights)
* Nightlife in Haifa (7 sights)
* Shopping in Haifa (6 sights)
* Architectural Splendors (6 sights)
* Ein Hod Village (7 sights)

This is the Lite Version of the walking tour app. All navigation features related to walking tours are disabled in the Lite version, so while you can view the walk details (sight descriptions and photos), there is no navigation assistance to guide you from one sight to the next. Download the Lite version if you want to use the city map or learn about the tour sights visited by the walking tours. However, if you want to join the walk, it is highly recommended that you download the Full Version of this app. The Full Version includes detailed tour route maps and turn-by-turn directions to guide you from one sight to the next.

Requires iOS 6.0 or later.


Language: English

Tel Aviv Gay Vibe

The ultimate gay guide To Tel Aviv, for travelers to Israel interested in Tel Aviv’s LGBT scene, with updated info about parties & special events, Gay/LGBT bars & clubs, Saunas,  and restaurants to people over 17 years of age, Cruising areas, Food, Accommodation, Gyms and all you need to know for your perfect gay vacation in Israel. Offers exclusive benefits and free entrance into LGBT parties and clubs.

Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Language: English


Available in the App Store

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