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French Quarter of Jerusalem

Parallel to the awakening Zionist movement and Jewish immigration (Aliyah) to the Holy Land, the world powers:- England, France, Germany, Russia, Italy and America – each endeavoured to expand their political, religious and commercial influence in the area. Here we shall discuss the creation of a French Quarter in Jerusalem.

Hopital Francais Saint Louis – St. Louis French Hospital

The hospital is located on the boundary between West and East Jerusalem, facing the Old City, adjacent to Jerusalem Municipality. The Sisters of the congregation  of “Saint Joseph of the Apparition” have run the French Saint Louis Hospital since 1852. It is now a hospice specializing in palliative care and admits Jewish, Christian and Muslim patients alike, most of whom are suffering a terminal illness.


Excavation at the “New Gate” of Jerusalem

Construction of a new tramway in Jerusalem near the New Gate and Zahal Square at the crossroads Jaffa Road and King Solomon Street uncovered the remains of a monastery destroyed during the war of 1948. It belonged to the Sisters of Reparation, a contemplative order dedicated to charitable works.


Pontifical Institute Notre Dame Of Jerusalem Center – Notre Dame de Jerusalem

Opposite the Old City, this historic, Vatican-owned guesthouse and pilgrim center built in the 19th century. Large groups of pilgrims began coming to the Holy Land in 1882 under the direction of French Assumptionists who built a center for French pilgrims, next to the French Hospital of St. Louis des Francais, similar to the one on Jaffa Road for Russian pilgrims. The building served as a monastery and seminary.  After the Second World War, the building and its museum were heavily damaged during the Israeli – Arab conflict of 1948. The center was return to the Holy See on March 2nd, 1972 and restored to its original status as a pilgrim hostel and was eventually established the center as a Pontifical Institute and an ecumenical holy place. The Center also serves as a professional promotion center for local Palestinian youth and offers a permanent exhibition “Who is the Man of the Shroud?” on the Shroud of Turin.

The New Gate

The New Gate is located on the Northwest corner of the old city walls and is the only entry to the Old City not part of the original 16th-century design. It was breached in the waning days of the Ottoman Empire to allow Christian pilgrims quicker access to their holy places within the walls – so it is 600 years old but was remodeled in 1889.

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