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Galilee Experience

Is the Galilee Experience a missionary?

The Galilee Experience is a great experience for Christians tourist, pilgrims and Messianic Jews, if they don’t mind having to pay to see a rather old movie in a book shop. Oh, you must climb up a flight of stairs to get to the theater. Some tourists enjoyed it very much and others disparage it. View this video and let IsraelandYou know what you think.

The founding of the Galilee Experience

The Galilee Experience was founded in 1990 by Eric and Terri Morey. One of their objectives was to spread the the New Testament among Israelis. They were unable to open because there was tremendous pressure from ultra-orthodox against Christian’s opening such a business in Tiberias. Finally the Supreme Court ordered the city to issue a license. So it officially opened on July 11, 1991.

The facility includes the 200-seat theater, a book and souvenir store, an art gallery and a coffee shop with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Sea of Galilee.

The New Galilee Experience has developed into a large tourist center in Israel and one of the largest Jewish roots product distributors to the Christian communities around the world.

Address: ‪Marina Building‬, Tiberias Promenade, Tiberias

  • 1-888-838-7928
  • +972-4-6723-620

Email: info@thegalileeexperience.com


  • Sunday to Thursday: from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm Israel Time
  • Friday: from 9:00 am to 15:00 pm Israel Time.



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