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Seen in Tiberias, Israel, today 27.08.13-

The  copywriter who invented this logo deserves a bonus. Also the map includes Samaria and Judaea as well as the Golan Heights. Don’t you love it? So what is GOD TV?

GOD TV Mission in Israel

JNF-KKL established a large new bulldozer camp and is planting one million trees in Israel as part of the “God-TV Forest.” JNF has accepted substantial donations from an evangelical Christian ministry called God-TV, who claim to have received ‘instructions from God…to prepare the land for the return of my Son…[to] plant a million trees’.”

GOD-TV is also financing water projects for the area and the excavation of an ancient church in the Negev region of Bnei Shimon. According to the GOD-TV video, the Israeli government simply didn’t have the funds to finance the archaeological dig. The northern Negev communities are banking, and apparently cashing in, on an expected wave of Christian tourism to the site.

Arutz 7, the mouthpiece for the national religious Right in Israel, chose to brand a very missionary GOD-TV as “pro-Israel “:The Christian group, “God TV,” has given one million saplings through the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and has donated money toward water projects as well.”



However, sites such as Jewish Israel accuse this controversial channel of being missionaries.

GOD TV is owned and administered by several world-wide Angel Charities and the various international broadcasting licences are held by Angel Christian Television Trust Inc, a Florida USA not for profit Section 501 (c) (3) corporation. All GOD TV’s Angel charities use the UK Evangelical Alliance Basis of Faith to ensure that participating individuals/churches and groups uphold the same values.

So what do “Israel and You” readers know about GOD TV? Can you add something?

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