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Good Advice for Travelling Anywhere


Here is some good advice for travelling anywhere. Be adventurous and travel by your own rules. Don’t just follow the usual tourist routes. Seek knowledge of foreign cultures. Try to do things differently.

Step 1. While still at home take a pencil and pad and make a list of interests. Everyone needs a little organization in his life. What really interests you: amusement parks, old record stores, museums and art galleries, night clubs, local food markets.


Step 2. Use the Internet to find helpful reviews about your destination written by travellers who have been there. Find ideas and proposals for activities other than the ordinary tourist.

Step 3. When you arrive make every effort to meet authentic locals. I always tail on to a religious ceremony, even if is a funeral. One of my best authentic experiences was having a discussion with mourners in a language I could not understand. They were so friendly. Find where locals shop, restaurants unknown to tourists, and markets without overhead for tourists.

Step 4. Don’t be ashamed to follow your passions. If you are interested in a particular field, then find local shops which specialize in what interests you. Speak with the staff or owner to have a more rewarding experience that you cannot find in any travel guide book

Step 5. Be Flexibility. Keep your eyes open to opportunities even if it was not in the original plan. If you learn about an opening an exhibition of local products in the region where you are, this is a good opportunity to practice flexibility in life and enjoy new experiences.

Good Advice for Travelling Anywhere -
Good Advice for Travelling Anywhere

Step 6. Learn to live as the locals live. When travelling you need not require accommodations with all the conditions and comfort you are used to.  Give up a bit of luxury for a small room where you can meet your local hosts. Sometimes if you settle for less you can enjoy the authentic local flavor.


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