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Google and Microsoft Cohabitating on the Beach

By Ron SpinnerGlobal Internet Marketing Blog


I thought it was interesting that here inIsrael, Google and Microsoft located their offices very close to each other as you can see below.


I had to wade into the water so you could see how close the Google and Microsoft offices are. You can see my sandals in the foreground. Click to enlarge.

Close up of Google’s offices
Close up of Microsoft’s offices

Israel is a very small country and it isn’t unusual for competitors to locate near each other. Many furniture stores are located near each other, so why not search engine and software  companies?

There are also great reasons to locate here in Haifa (full disclosure–my office is in Haifa too):

  • A beautiful view of the beach
  • Close to the Technion — with a great supply of excellent engineering graduates (full disclosure: I am a Technion graduate)
  • Close proximity to freeway and train

Despite our marching towards a global village it seems like local customs still influence multinationals like Google and Microsoft. That is what allows companies that have competing search engines to locate near each other and enjoy the view together.

View of Mediterranean

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