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Graffiti in Israel *

Graffiti in Israel Photo: David Shankbone

Graffiti in Israel: Israel’s Street Art covers the city’s street art and graffiti scene, which serves as a unique expression of the nation’s geographical location, cultural peculiarities, political movements, and artistic sub-cultures. Israeli street art tells a story, a multitude of stories, written on the city walls and it often takes an expert to decipher these urban tales. See here to view the most visible and famous graffiti in Israel, as well as some of the most hidden pieces of street art, and will uncover their stories for you.

Graffiti in Israel was boosted in the early 2000s largely due to the British artist Banksy, one of the world’s most famous street art artists, who visited Israel & the Palestinian Authorities causing a stir in the local scene. Banksy is an anonymous England-based street artist, vandal, political activist, and film director, active since the 1990s. Some pieces of Israeli street art are just well-executed artworks representing the artistic flair of the state while others have a political or social criticism and can be served as a crash course to Israeli society.

Graffiti in Israel

Once subversive, graffiti is becoming more mainstream. The shift follows a realization among Israeli municipal officials that street art attracts foreign tourism and beautifies public spaces. City officials in Israel’s main cities now have cooperative ventures with street artists.

Artists 4 Israel

Artists for Israel prevent the spread of anti-Israel bigotry and helping heal communities affected by terrorism. Paint a new and more beautiful picture of Israel around the world.

“Artists 4 Israel comprise nothing less than a dynamic, even profound cultural resistance to the demonization of Israel.”- Phyllils Chesler, American Writer and Professor

Pop-Up Museum TLV

POP UP Museum Tel Aviv took over 15 apartments in a 4-story building at 7 Katsenelson St, Tel Aviv from 14:00-22:00 every day from January 1-6, 2020. The project arises awareness about urban renewal by showcasing art by street artists, painters, illustrators, graphic designers, art directors, decor designers, installation artists, and art exhibitors. The building was demolished following the exhibition.

You can’t walk through Tel Aviv and not notice the crazy amounts of graffiti the city’s covered in. It can be simple writing on the side of a building, or elaborate, colorful paintings covering an entire wall. Graffiti is a part of Tel-Aviv’s essence and character.

Tel Aviv, Walking in Florentin District

While you’re wandering around the hip neighborhood of Florentin, take the time to admire its vibrant street art.  Walk all the way down Frenkel Street to the corner of Abarbanel. Here you’ll find an old synagogue standing alone on the border of an industrial area.  But don’t be intimidated by the slightly dilapidated look, within the auto and carpentry workshops is some of the best Tel Aviv street art.  Walk down the right side of the synagogue to discover hidden treasures.

Having realized that graffiti raises real-estate prices, attracts tourism and beautifies urban spaces, cities throughout Israel are hiring artists they once hounded

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