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Har Hatayasim – Pilots’ Mountain National Park

Har HaTayasim is a mountain in the Jerusalem corridor, the area between Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh. The site originally honored six Jewish flyers who participated in a bombing flight on May 10, 1948 to aid the Palmach in the fighting in the Beit Machsir/Beit Meir area during Operation Maccabi. This was five days before Israel declared its independence. The small Norseman plane crashed for reasons still unknown and all six flyers were killed. The site is now the Israeli Air Force official memorial site that contains a modest monument, and pillars with the names of the fallen enscribed on them.
The Mountain, which rises to the height of 796 meters above sea level, is named after the monument which was built on it in the 1950s in memory of the fallen soldiers of the Israeli Air Force and it is now considered to be the main memorial site of the Israeli Air Force. The monument combines Jerusalemite stone, an engine and a propeller- the remains of a small transport plane that crashed during the Israeli War of Independence on the slopes of the nearby Mount Eitan.







The top of this mountain is a part of a 450 dunams nature reserve, which includes a Mediterranean grove and beautiful panoramic views. Standing on the mountain top, a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside and mountain ranges unfolds. In this reserve, in which grow no less than 14 types of orchids, is a charming trail which includes Ein Tayasim (Pilots’ Spring) karstic spring and ancient agricultural terraces. A hiking trail leads from the monument to the spring. The trail can be done in either direction, or both directions. The trail entails a steep climb, and should not be attempted by people who are not good hikers. Minute – Har Hatayasim (Pilots… by infolivetvenglish

Here one can also find parking lots and an observation point. Arrival through road number 395 (between the mosav of Ramat Raziel and Mount Eitanim).
No entrance fee. Free parking.

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