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Har Yoash

Mt. Yoash – הר יואש
At the peak of the Eilat Heights we encounter a junction with a road going off to the south. This road leads to the summit of Mt. Yoash overlooking the Eilat Heights’ most beautiful panorama. From this vantage point you can see the borders of four countries – Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel. To the south you can see canyons and cliffs, and to the east, the Gulf and city of Eilat.


It’s recommended to climb to the outlook on its top for enjoining an amazing 360˚panoramic view of the landscape using the pedestrian path that ascends from north and is marked in its beginning by a signpost.

From the parking lot  there are two pedestrian paths of which one is marked black in the footpath marking and leads westward to the upper runners of Nahal Gishron (which are named Upper Nahal Gishron).  With the other one, marked blue, which is also the National Israel Trail that leads straight to Gishron outlook, you will return back to the vehicle. [Hiking in Nahal Gishron has been closed due to the situation on the border. We all hope that it will soon be reopened.]


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