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Havarim Cistern


Bor Havarim – Havarim Cistern

Bor Havarim (Chavarim Pit) is a group of underground Nabatean water cisterns. The cisterns collected runoff water in Wadi Havarim (Nahal Havarim) in the Negev. Ancient historians refer to them as hidden water resources along the Nabatean Incense Route. This is a perfect place to stop on your way to En Avdat National Park and Avdat National Park, or to begin a family friendly hike in Nahal Havarim.

Bor Havarim diagram -
Bor Havarim diagram
Havarim Cistern stairs
Havarim Cistern stairs
Havarim Cistern
Bor Havarim

Nahal Havarim Hike

The Havarim Stream hike is located just south of Kibbutz Sde Boker. Nahal Havarim  is one of the tributaries to Nahal Zin.

The Nahal Havarim Hike begins at the Bor Havarim, and ends on the road which leads to the Ein Avdat Nature Reserve.

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