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Health Tourism in Israel

Israeli Health Tourism

Israel, the best destination offering superior medical treatment as well as an exceptional travel experience.

Israel is fortunate to have a number of very attractive resorts frequented by tourists concerned about their health. Its widespread hot springs, sophisticated spa hotels and sunny climate make Israel a country that can offer its visitors a vacation focusing on their health, or a one-day visit to a health resort as part of the tour. The Dead Sea tops the list of therapeutic resorts, and is famous for its high concentration of salts and minerals. A health problem is only one reason to visit one of the spa resorts. Normally, all these resorts satisfy the desire for a break from everyday life, whether you visit them for one day or for a longer vacation.

The main therapeutic resorts are:

The Southern Part of Israel and the Dead Sea

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The Dead Sea is one of the world’s finest, most reputable and unique therapeutic resorts. The region is characterized by an unusual combination of natural resources and climatic conditions – the saltiest sea in the world which has in it :
Mineral-rich; thermo-mineral waters; medicinal black mud; filtered sunrays; dry air rich in minerals; a pleasant dry temperature most of the year; a relatively high concentration of oxygen; air that is almost completely free of allergens and other air pollutants. Both a briefly bathing at one of the beaches or a stay for a pampering vacation at one of the hotels and guest rooms along its shores are recommended. A thirty-minute ride from the Dead Sea is the city of Arad, whose cold, dry, clean air makes it a haven for people suffering from asthma, allergies or respiratory problems.

The Mineral Beach

On a beautiful shore of the Dead Sea are two manmade pools, a small Fresh-water pool for small children, and a Sulphur-water pool with a fixed temperature of 39 °C whose water arrives from an adjacent spring. On the shore are comfortable open-sided, chill-out style, shelter pavilions, and plastic chairs for the visitors. Right on the shoreline is natural mud – when spread on your body, it stimulates blood circulation, strengthens hair roots, and renews skin cells. On the site are showers available for visitiors, a treatment room, a cafeteria, and a small shop where you can buy Dead Sea products and plastic sandals for entering the sea. The treatment room offers visitors various types of treatments and massages by prior arrangement.

Chamat Gader

צילום: Hamat Gader

Located in the north of Israel. This site is one of Israel’s most popular recreational and pampering sites:
The site’s waters comes from five thermo-mineral springs. The temperature of the mineral-rich water fluctuates between 25 °C and 51 °C, and bathing in it helps accelerate metabolism, renew skin cells, and relieve rheumatism or problems connected with the urinary and digestive systems. Next to the baths are large, shady lawns, beds and chairs, a whirlpool, water cannons, a cascade to relax in, massage and spa treatment rooms, and more. There is a separate children’s swimming pool, with a water slide and amusement devices. Children can enjoy the crocodile farm at the site. You can also enjoy a various range of restaurants and shops at the site.

Chamei Tveriya (“Tiberias Hot Springs”)

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The site is fed by 17 different springs that flow from the vicinity of Khamat Tveriya National Park, across the road. The water, rich with almost 100 different natural minerals, bursts out from a depth of 2,000 meters to the various pools, whose heat reaches 39 °C. Today, the site is divided into its old location: which includes separate bathing areas for men and women, and the new spa site – Khamei Tveriya ha-Tsi’eera (“Young Tiberias Springs”), with personal therapeutic pools, cosmetic mud pools, a sauna, a workout gym, a whirlpool, and holistic and massage treatment rooms. There is also a toddlers’ pool at the site, as well as a lawn, and a private beach on the banks of the Sea of Galilee.

 The Central Area

Central Israel does not have many natural hot water therapeutic sites. Yet, Tel Aviv and the area have a big variety of spa centers, offering a wide selection of treatments and great packages. Some are located at Hotels, and others in private villas, some of them facing the sea.

Download Israel: A Medical Tourism Manual

Most of the natural therapeutic resorts, as well as, of course, the spa resorts, offer the possibility of combining your visit with a range of holistic treatments. In recent years, the field of alternative medicine has developed rapidly in Israel. Among the treatments offered are water therapy (hydrotherapy), Ayurvedic medicine (Indian medicine), and conventional massages. Next to most of the therapeutic resorts are hotels offering special vacation packages that include treatments and pampering, as well as board and lodging.

Health Regulations for Travel to Israel
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No vaccinations are required for visitors to Israel. Israel is an entirely western country with an advanced level of health care, diagnosis and medicine that is the envy of much of the world and on a par with the best of North America and Western Europe. Almost everyone in the health care field – from pharmacists to physicians to nurses – understands and speaks good English. As for all international travel, visitors to Israel should have travel insurance that covers them in case of illness or hospitalization. Pharmacies in Israel are to be found everywhere and are very well stocked with drug store items and all the over-the-counter medicines you may need. Should you become ill during your trip, your hotel front desk can arrange for a doctor to visit you in your room, and prescribe medication if necessary. If you are staying with friends or family, they will be able to refer you to their local clinic. In case of serious illness or injury, the emergency rooms at Israel’s hospitals are western standard and you will receive the finest medical care.

Traveling With Animals

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There are limitations to bringing certain animals into Israel, but traveling with a personal pet such as a healthy dog or cat is extremely easy (animals must be at least three months of age).If you plan to bring dog or cat to Israel you’ll need to convey the following information to the Office of Veterinary Services at least 48 hours before arriving in Israel (fax:  011-972-3-968-8963): Owner’s name, type of animal, age of animal, flight number and estimated time of arrival. You will need to travel with the following documents:

  • a government-issued veterinary health certificate dated issued less than seven days prior to the animal’s departure testifying that it was examined and has no infectious diseases
  • the owners’ written declaration that the animal was in their possession for at least 90 days before arriving in Israel, and
  • certification that the animal was vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days but no more than one year prior to its departure for Israel.

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