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Helicopter Crash Memorial, Israel

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Helicopter Crash Memorial – אסון המסוקים

Seventy-three rocks, representing the 73 victims of the 1997 helicopter disaster, stand out against the sky where the horrible accident occurred 11 years ago, as part of the official monument commemorating the tragic event. The monument is located near the cemetery of Kibbutz Dafna. The accident, which claimed the lives of 73 IDF soldiers, took place after two  Sikorsky CH-53-Yasur helicopters en route to Lebanon collided in midair on February 4, 1997. The site was designed by sculptor Danny Caravan, architect Shlomit Shlomo, landscape architects Haim Cohen and Gilad Sharon and sculptor Rami Feldstein.

Equal but special

“The main concept of the site was to convey the message that all the fallen were equal as humans, but that each had his own personality. This is why we used differently shaped rocks,” explained Yossi and Raya Effner, the parents of Staff Sergeant Avi Effner who was killed in the crash. “It’s important for us to show that new life emerge from death and memory. This is expressed by the water, the green vegetation and the anemones planted in between the rocks.”

Together on the Israel Trail  – נפגשים בשביל ישראל – is a project (in memory of Avi Effner) of commemoration and regeneration, exploring Israel’s landscapes and culture, embracing differences, fostering and nourishing dialogue across the different sectors of the Israeli society. Together on Israel Trail takes place each spring, and lasts about two months – walking from Eilat to She’ar Yeshuv. Each day opens with a morning ceremony, in which participants get to know the soldiers to whom we dedicate the day’s hiking.


How to get there: From Road 99 (connecting Kiryat Shmona and the Golan heights) turn south at Hurshat Tal to Road 918. after several meters, turn left to a local road leading to the Dagei Dafna restaurant. From there turn right and drive towards the monument, which is located near the kibbutz’s cemetery.

This site is open all day and is wheelchair accessible.

No entrance fee is required.

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