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Highway 1 – Tel Aviv – Jerusalem Highway *

Ben Gurion interchange, Israel. Aerial photograph Photo: Sharshar

Highway 1 is the main highway connecting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and continuing eastwards to the Jordan Valley. The route begins as a six lane freeway in Tel Aviv at an elevation of 16 meters above sea level. Approaching Sha’ar HaGai it reaches 300 meters above sea level. Past Shoresh, the road reaches an elevation of 715 meters. It then descends to 610 meters as it passes Abu Gosh. Once again it ascends reaching 680 meters as it enters the Harel Tunnels.

מנחם ועליזה בגין בטקס פתיחת כביש 1, עם מארגן הטקס יהודה אילן 1979
Menachem and Aliza Begin at opening ceremony of Highway 1.  Public Domain

If you want to view an aerial video of the highway to Jerusalem through the hill country of Judah, press this link:

The history of the roads from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

The section between Latrun and Jerusalem roughly follows an ancient path connecting Jaffa and Jerusalem. At the entrance to Jerusalem, the steep and winding rise was known as Ma’aleh HaRoma’im (Romans’ Ascent) and covers a 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) path rising 200 metres (660 ft) in altitude.

In 1948 the Latrun section of the highway was taken over by Jordan and traffic was diverted to a new route called “Derekh Ha’Gvura” (Road of Bravery), which is now part of Highways 44 and 38. In 1965 the old highway was widened to four lanes between Sha’ar HaGai and Jerusalem, and after the Six-Day War the Latrun section was reopened and an interchange was built at Mevaseret Zion (Harel Interchange). 

Israel Highway 1 map
Map: משתמש:בן-ציוןממ,
Empty Ganot Interchange on Yom Kippur
Photo: Beivushtang 

Highway from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv

Highway from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

  • Kibutz Galuyot Interchange
  • Ganot Interchange connects Highway 1 to the Highway 4
  • Shapirim Interchange That connects Highway 1 to Highway 412 leading to the Or Yehuda, Yehud, Kiryat Ono and Rishon Lezion
  • Ben Gurion Interchange that connects Highway 1 to the Ben Gurion Airport
  • Lod Interchange that connects Highway 1 to Highway 40 leading to Lod, Ramle, the old terminal of Ben Gurion Airport and to the Petah Tikva
  • Ben Shemen Interchange that connects Highway 1 to Highway 6 and more topographically convenient Highway 443 that serves as another way to Jerusalem
  • Anava Interchange that connects Highway 1 to Highway 431
  • Latrun Interchange that connects Highway 1 to Highway 3 leading to Kiryat Malachi and to Ashkelon
  • Sha’ar HaGai Interchange that connects Highway 1 to Highway 38 leading to the Beit Shemesh
  • Shoresh Interchange
  • Kiryat Ye’arim Interchange
  • Hemed Interchange that connects Highway 1 to Abu Ghosh, Kiryat Anavim, Ma’ale HaHamisha and Har Adar
  • Motza Interchange and Sha’ar Moriah Interchange

Highway from Jerusalem to Dead Sea

Passing Beit HaArava, Highway 1 ends at Beit HaArava Junction with Highway 90 at an elevation of 325 meters below sea level.

  • Harel tunnelsMotza Interchange
  • Sha’ar Moriah Interchange, Yitzhak Shamir Rd – that is also known as “Road 9 of Jerusalem”
  • Sorek Tunnels that is Also called “HaArazim (Cedars) Tunnels
  • Yigael Yadin Interchange
  • Ramat Shlomo (Shlomo’s Heights) Junction
  • Sha’ar Mizrah (Eastern Gate) Junction
  • HaZeitim (The Olive s) Interchange
  • Adumim Interchange that is near Ma’ale Adumim
  • Mishor Adumim Junction
  • Kfar Adumim (Village of The Red) Junction
  • The Good Samaritan Interchange
  • Mitzpe Yeriho Junction
  • Nabi Musa Junction
  • Yeriho Junction
  • Almog (Coral) Junction
  • Beit HaArava Junction that is the end of Highway 1
  • Lido Junction on Highway 90 is the Dead Sea Road – the lowest road in the world

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