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Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloons – כדור פורח


Here you can see my panoramic video record of our flight. Do you hear the pilot speaking on the wireless? Can you make out the hissing of the gas burners? See how we folded up the balloon after the flight.

Hot air balloons are a popular sport in Israel. Many people will go for a flight to celebrate a birthday, honeymoon or Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Sometimes groups from work, youth movements or schools come for a short ascent to a balloon anchored to the ground followed with a barbeque. More and more tourists are also coming to view Israel from above.  Have you ever wanted to do something different in Israel? A hot air balloon in Israel takes things to a completely different level — literally.
I chose fly today with my daughter in a Rize Up hot air balloon gondola. Shai, our polite pilot gave all the instructions in Hebrew and English. Imagine he has already flown over 500 hot air balloon flights! Don’t forget to wear shoes for the short walk in the field. Sandals are not allowed. Hats are recommended.

IMG_1231Shai wears sun glasses to protect his eyes from the heat of the burners. You can drink coffee, tea or water while waiting for the staff to blow up the balloon. Shai provides water to drink during the flight. I found the flight very comfortable, even though I had to climb up into the gondola/ This is an incredible way to see the country and can also be a swell way to promote your business in a new and exciting experience.





















If you want you can have the entire flight on video. This camera was attached to our flight for newly-weds.












IMG_1253The most popular of all the flights are the Champagne Flights where you will get to see an aerial view at sunrise, enjoying the mystical land in all of the beauty. At the end of the flight a traditional bottle of champagne is opened for the new balloon fliers and each participant is presented with a graduation certificate.












IMG_1191As the gondola ascends and descends you may see the sunrise several times.












You will feel as though you can touch the sky in Israel. The flight is capped off with breakfast at a local restaurant. (Kosher restaurants available.)

IMG_1218Look for the shadow of the balloon and gondola on the clouds or on the ground. You can also see the shadow of the balloon on the ground.












The north of Israel is beautiful by land, so just imagine how gorgeous it is from hundreds of feet up in the air.

Hot air balloons will allow you the luxury as you’re getting an amazing view of an amazing country.

There are three hot balloon companies providing hot air balloon flights in the north of Israel.

More info at:

Rize Up


Hot Air Balloon Company


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