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Israel Licensed Tour Guide Course-English

(570 Academic Hours)

Supervision and Licensing by the Israel Ministry of Tourism

Program’s Objectives:

●● Providing Tour Guides with knowledge about the Land of Israel, in the fields of Archaeology,

History, Religions, Flora and Fauna, Geography, Art, Architecture, and Israel’s current affairs inSocial, Governmental, Economic and Political subjects.

●● Acquiring the ability for the Tour Guide to show visitors around the Country in a manner

suitable to the diversity of the clientele.

To whom is this program designated?

●● Everyone who is interested to work as a Guide with Foreign or Local groups of tourists in Israel.

●● All those who love excursions and would like to deepen their knowledge of subjects related to theHoly Land.

●● Graduates in Studies of the Land of Israel, Archeology, History, Bible, Geography, Geology.

●● Speakers of languages that are requested in the Tourism Sector – like German, French, Spanish,

Italian, Portuguese, and more –an advantage!

Academic Acknowledgments:

Graduates of this course will enjoy the acknowledgment of up to 40 points by the University of Haifa,in the following courses:

Geography, Studies of the Land of Israel, General History and Archaeology; candidates will be

subjected to the enrollment conditions of the University and will need to fulfill the academic

requirements determined for each course.

Enrollment Requirements:

●● Maturity Diploma. (TAWJIHI) *

●● Knowledge of the English Language Additional languages an advantage!

●● Israeli Citizen or Resident (Permanent or Temporary Residence Visa holders).

●● Suitable capability of oral expression.

●● Successful completion of the selection procedures established by the Israel Ministry of Tourism.

●● Candidates from age 30 and above who do not possess a Maturity Diploma will be required to

submit proof that they have completed High School (12 SchoolYears).

Program Extent and Classes:

The Course includes 570 academic hours in class and 80 field trips, designed to make proper acquaintance of Israel. The field trips will not be consecutive, and they will usually be performed on a predetermined day of the weekly studying schedule. Students will be notified well in advance about trips that will last several days.

Class Location, Program Type and Schedule:

JERUSALEMTuesday+Thursday 18:00-21:15.

Field TripSundays

TEL AVIVMonday+Wednesday 17:30-20:45.

Field TripSunday

Among the learning subjects: *

●●Bibliographic guidance and Tour preparation according to the areas and subjects involved.

●●Geography and Climate: Maps and their use by the Tour Guide; Israel’s eography and Climate.

●● Geology and Geomorphology: Basic knowledge of Geology and Geomorphology; The main shapes and outlines of Israel’s landscape.

●● Botanic Science and Zoology: Flora and Fauna in the Land of Israel.

●● Religions and Minorities: Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Minorities in Israel.

●● Archaeology: Introduction to Archaeology and Pre-History; Biblical Archaeology; Classical Archaeology; Early Muslim Archaeology.

●● Art and Architecture: to Art and Architecture; Islamic Art and Architecture; Modern Architecture in Israel from the beginning of the 19th Century.

●● History of the Land of Israel and periodical classification: Biblical Period; First Temple Period; Second Temple Period; Roman and Byzantine Periods; Early Arab Period; Crusader and Ayyubid Periods; Mamluk and Ottoman Periods; The New Epoch up to our present day.

●● Current Affairs in the State of Israel: The Government of Israel, State and Religion; Society, Immigration, Absorption and Settlement; Economy, Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Water Resources; History of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Peace Process; guidance methodology; typologies of incoming

and local tourism.

●● Guidance tools and aids: Acquisition of guiding experience and skills for tour

management and organization; Suitable guidance methods for different topics and

diverse types of clientele; Workshops managed and operated by the students; Manners and Behavior; Security and Safety; Relations between Tour Guide and Tourism Authorities; First Aid Course; Learning how to look up bibliographical sources on the Internet

●● 80 touring daysDidactic one-day guided tours, regional or by subject.


Students who will fulfill the program’s requirements, attend classes and join the tours on a regular basis, successfully pass examinations, present required assignments and complete their projects will receive the Diploma of “Graduate of Tour Guide Course” from the National School of Tourism inIsrael, under the management of the University of Haifa.

Licensing by the Israel Ministry of Tourism:

●● The License of “Israel Tour Guide” will be appointed by the Israel Ministry of Tourism to those who will have fulfilled the following requirements:

●● Graduated from the National School of Tourism in Israel.

●● Received a certificate of absence of criminal indictments from the Israel Police.

●● Successfully passed the governmental final exams. (Written and Oral)

Tour Guide Course Tuition Fees:

The tuition fee includes80 touring days; support materials; entrance fees to the sites; BB for excursions that will last more than one day.

The enrollment fee of 350 NIS is not included in the tuition fee for the Tour Guide Course, and will

need to be paid separately.

It shall be clarified that in the event the studies are discontinued at any stage of the coursethe

student shall bear the whole tuition fees of the course and the costs of the servicesincluding

toursand will not be entitled to any refund or return of tuition fees.


Registration Form – Download

Program in PDF – Download

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