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Israel: Seeing is Believing!

Many artists have attempted to describe the “Israel Experience” in one short video. We see lovely stills and movie shots, archaeology, history, geology, markets, religions and bikinis all calling out, “Heh, I am Israel!” Well the truth is that Israel is each one separately and all of them in unison. Israel, like the Jewish people, is unique. It is not a copy – it is a one off. View these two beautiful ” Israel: Seeing is Believing! ” clips, one by a famous photographer and the other produced by the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). If you haven’t been to Israel yet, this is a good place to start.

la Embajada de Israel en Madrid

  • Video made on the occasion of the Celebration of the 64th Anniversary of the Independence of the State of Israel by El Puente de la Embajada de Israel en Madrid.
  • Photographer and Editor: Eyal Bartov
  • Additional Photographs: Samuel Magal
  • Effects: Gili Ittah
  • Music: Israel Kasif

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Same title, but produced by (Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs). You have to visit the extraordinary sites and listen to their music, you should meet the people, smell the possibilities and experience the variety that Israel has to offer, because seeing it is believing it.


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