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Israel tours to for disabled persons

Israel places enormous importance on providing comfortable conditions for travelers with disabilities. Considerable efforts and resources have been invested to enable the handicapped visit destinations and attractions and to receive service comparable to that received by the general public.

You can find precisely organized Israel tours to for disabled persons.  Israel is accessible to everyone. If you want to take part in ready tours for disabled persons or, perhaps, plan your own special adventure, Israel provides your needs.
Check all the routes and destinations thoroughly to make sure that wheelchair users would not expect any difficulties during the trip. All handicapped tourists should have possibility to meet the marvels of the Holy Land. Israel is totally accessibility-adapted and welcomes you.

Among the millions of tourists who visit Israel each year, there are many people with disabilities. The reason is that the country is becoming more and more accessible. The Israeli government is doing everything to ensure that persons with disabilities would not experience serious difficulties during their stay in the Holy Land.

Ben Gurion International Airport

So, any visit to Israel begins at the Ben-Gurion international airport. Air gate of the country is perfectly adapted to meet tourists with disabilities. Each person in a wheelchair gets a personal escort to easily exit the terminal. In addition, for travelers with special needs, there are dedicated customs decks and passport control windows. Also, Ben-Gurion Airport has spacious lifts, and, of course, fully equipped restrooms for the disabled.


After arrival, the most convenient transport to browse Israel – is a special van – modern vehicles with a lift for the disabled in the back. Such vans can take on board up to six wheelchair users. Plus, there are the usual places for escorts and guides attendants.


In Israel all the transport issues relating to the disabled are successfully resolved. Ordinary public buses are also equipped with lifts, almost no exceptions. In Jerusalem, wheelchair users can catch a ride on the light rail. Its cars suit the highest standards of comfort. In addition, any disabled person in Israel may order a special taxi.


Accessible Attractions  

Like all tourists, people with disabilities are free to decide what their visit to Israel will be like. Someone chooses a massive tour with a visit to all the iconic places – from the biblical Galilee to Jerusalem’s holy sites. And some prefer to spend time in high class hotels at the Dead Sea with luxurious spa or at the Mediterranean.

The summit of the Massada fortress near the Dead Sea is now accessible, and wheelchairs can now reach the upper level of the site. A special area on Masada has been adapted so that persons with visual disabilities can touch and feel the surroundings. Other sites, such as the Knights’ Halls in Acre (Akko), and the esplanade and amphitheater in Caesarea (Keysariya) have also been made accessible for the handicapped.

Mount of the Beatitudes, Capernaum, Jordan River and Sea of Galilee: All these unique sites are open for disabled persons and will grant them an amazing travel experience.

Several beaches are wheelchair accessible and some include sun beds for the disabled.  In Tel-Aviv there are four beaches officially tailored for disabled people: Tzuk, Northern Tzuk, Metzizim and Hilton.  All of those beaches have proper bathrooms, showers and dressing rooms.

Most of Jewish National Fund recreational facilities include wheelchair-accessible paths and bathrooms.

Additional information and tips for people with disabilities is available at:

Milbat:The Israel Center for Technology and Accessibility. Milbat, situated at the Sheba Medical Center (972-3-5303739) specializes in building, transport and other aides for people with disabilities. The center gives advice on transport solutions for people with disabilities. More Information is available at theMilbat website.

Access Israel provides detailed information on accessible sites and accommodation, restaurants, festivals, car rental agencies and other useful information for special needs travelers on its website:

Yad Sarah lends tourists and visitors wheelchairs, crutches and other aides without charge, requesting only a security deposit. More information is available at the Yad Sarah website; by phone: +972.2.644.4555; or by email: Visitors to Israel in wheelchairs can order airport pick-up in advance through the Yad Sarah Exhibition and Guidance Center at +972.2.644.4633 or by email:

Mobility Rental Israel will deliver mobility equipment and health-related products to tourists anywhere in the country, including hotel, residence or airport. More information at the website:; phone: +972.3.948.0401; or email:

Kibbutz Tzora which has good prices and a wheelchair or scooter can be delivered right to your hotel door.

The most pricy company to rent a wheelchair or scooter is Access4You.
Tour organizers for persons with special needs

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