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Jerusalem – مدينة القدس – 1930-1920*

1844 daguerreotype by Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey (the earliest photography of the city) Public Domain

Jerusalem – مدينة القدس – 1930-1920

This is an old film about Jerusalem in 1932 during the British Mandate – فيلم قديم عن القدس عام (1932)م زمن الإنتداب البريطاني.
(This footage has been uploaded to YouTube by “Songs and Photos of Palestine – أغاني وصور من فلسطين ” and BimaristanAlquds )

Songs and pictures from Palestine – أغاني وصور من فلسطين: It is nice to see with our own eyes life in Palestine in distinctive video works documenting their lives as conversations or at best in pictures that did not tell our thirst to learn more, and curiosity will not satisfy a static image, but we wish to see real life.
This video gathered these scenes from several sources and several separate videos. Hence this work is presented as the beginning of a series of several Palestinian cities before the State of Israel, beginning with the flower of Jerusalem and the distinctive history of Jerusalem.


Ira H. GallenWhat makes my content unique is that I have spent over 30 collecting and restoring from 16mm & 35mm Film Prints and Kinescopes some of the rarest and in many cases one of a kind – SAVING TV HISTORY!

Ben-Zakai Synagogue in 1893 Public Domain
התחנה התשיעית בויה דולורוזה, על רקע כנסיית הקבר :Berthold Werner: צילום

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