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Jerusalem 1896 **

The Temple Mount, Photo by John Lawson Stoddard , in YouTube

Time Traveller – Jerusalem 1896

John L. Stoddard’s trip to Jerusalem back in the early to mid 1890’s. Music is Gladiator soundtrack. Amazing photographs of Jerusalem 1896 almost 125 years ago.

Thank you, “Poisedonis”, for this video. This Poisedonis’ description of himself:

  • Change Myself, then I’ll change the World.
  • Don’t do what you want then you can do what you like.
  • A man of self control is greater than the mountains

John Lawson Stoddard

John Lawson Stoddard (April 24, 1850 – June 5, 1931) gained popularity through his travelogues.  He began traveling around the world in 1874 and writing books, eventually numbering 10 volumes and five supplements of John L. Stoddard’s Lectures. The books include numerous illustrations derived from the immense catalog of photographs taken by Stoddard, and cover every subject, from art and architecture, to archaeology and natural history.

This is a scan of the frontis of his most attributed book, "John L. Stoddard's Lectures". Copyright is 1897; printed in 1905.
This is a scan of the frontis of his most attributed book, “John L. Stoddard’s Lectures”. Copyright is 1897; printed in 1905. Jerusalem 1896

A land without a people for a people without a land

Stoddard was a proponent of the restoration of the Jews to Israel. In Volume 2 of his Lectures he told the Jews, “You are a people without a country; there is a country without a people. Be united. Fulfill the dreams of your old poets and patriarchs. Go back, go back to the land of Abraham.” A sentiment popularized as “A land without a people for a people without a land.”



This video is compiled from photographs in a book of John L. Stoddard lectures published in the late 1890s. These present a look at the “Passion Play,” which began in the 1600s and is still produced today. These scenes are from the 1890 production. The villagers, afraid of the plague which was sweeping Europe promised God if they were spared they would produce this play for always. So far they have kept their word. There are other You Tube videos showing these same scenes but they are of very poor quality and one even has a man just thumbing through the book while recording.


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