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Jerusalem in the First and Second Temple period

A tour to the City of David National Park and the Jerusalem Archaeological Garden

Audio Walking Tour in the Old City of Jerusalem

Time of tour: 4 to 6 hours

This tour takes us on a journey to the beginnings of the Jerusalem, to the city of David, Solomon and the Kings of Judah, at the center of which stood the Holy Temple – the spiritual heart of the Jewish people. In the City of David, the ancient nucleus of Jerusalem, the tribes of Israel united to form a single people. Most of the books of the Bible were written in its courtyards and alleyways, and it inspired the dissemination of the belief in one God.
Our tour route will take us among the ruins of Jerusalem’s magnificent past from the First and Second Temple Periods, remains that tell the story of an ancient city.
The tour will begin at Dung gate and will take us through the sites of ancient Jerusalem to the Western Wall. Highlights include: remains of King David’s palace, the Shiloah Inscription, the Jerusalem Archaeological Park and the Davidson Center and the Western Wall.

Иерусалим в эпоху Первого и Второго Храмов

Мы увидим величественные памятники прошлого, посетим места, которые помогут лучше понять историю города, давшего миру идеи монотеизма, узнаем о столице, сплотившей колена Израиля.

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