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The Jerusalem Tax Museum was established by the State Revenue Administration of the Ministry of Finance in 1964. The original offices were on Agron Street before relocating in 2006 to its current location on Agripas Street, corner of Kiah St, opposite the Mahane Yehuda Market, in the Clal Center, and updating and computerizing many displays. A small museum, but unique in the world of museums. The museum’s purpose is to explain the system of taxes in a visual and enjoyable way, and to provide knowledge within the realm of taxes.

Star of David Tax Museum Door (273986299).jpg

Jerusalem, Museum of Taxes, 32 Agron Street , The door is devided to six brass squares each depicting one sort of a TAX the government TAKES. Designed by Jerusalem artists: Aharon Bezalel, Lea Majaro-Mintz and Avraham Mandael More about Stars of David on

zeevveez from Jerusalem, Israel

This unigue museum exhibits the history of taxes in the Land of Israel, from ancient times until today, as well as from among the Jewish Communities in the diaspora, during the British Mandate, to present day through a collection of uniforms, historic documents and a clay slab dating from the fourth century B.C.E. Persia. Among the exhibits are banknotes, stamps and posters, obsolete taxes (“pleasure surcharge”), and confiscated items, such as a gambling roulette wheel and alcohol distillation apparatus. 

The museum boasts a large collection of studies and visual material, including historical documents, certificates and photographs, publications of experts’ committees and researches, which reflect the proceedings of the tax systems in the Land of Israel throughout the different periods.

The museum collection comprises documents, certificates, photographs and other items on topics that include:

• Taxes of the ancient world and in biblical texts
• State taxes in Jewish communities of the Diaspora
• Taxation in Israel during the Ottoman Period, the British Mandate and following the establishment of the State of Israel
• The development of the marking system as proof of payment of taxes
• Prevention of smuggling and importation of illegal goods (such as gambling accessories, weaponry, drugs)
• International relations in the field of taxation
• Taxation around the world
• Taxation as part of Israel’s foreign policy
• A display of letters by famous personalities querying tax authorities, such as Ben-Gurion, Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, Leah Goldberg and Ze’ev Vilnai.

Each display has an English description. 

Jerusalem Star (273986304).jpg

Jerusalem, Museum of Taxes, 32 Agron Street , Photo is courtesy of Mrs. Mira Dror, the curator of the Jerusalem Tax Museum.
The shape of the Star of David on a handle of a clay jar from Kibbutz Ramat Rachel from the hellenistic period 4-1 century BCE. This is one of the first Israeli Star of David artifacts! More about Stars of David on

zeevveez from Jerusalem, Israel

The museum was to explain to the public the importance of proper management of taxes, to show the link between the tax office and a citizen’s daily life and to create a central point for all information and visual material pertaining to the subject of taxation in Israel and in Jewish communities of the diaspora from the ancient world till now.


Address: 42 AGRIPAS ST, JERUSALEM (Corner of the Alliance St.)

Entrance is free of charge, and museum visits should be coordinated in advance.

Open: Sunday through Thursday, 9am-3pm

Suggested duration: 1 hour

Phone number: 972-2-6258978

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