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Jobs in Israel – and how to get it

Jobs in Israel could be a hard thing to find, especially if you just landed, don’t speak the language and it’s 41° celsius outside. But worry not, speaking something other than Hebrew can be an advantage sometimes and in many cases can land you a decent job easily. Here’s a quick look at the options.

1. Jobs in the Israeli high tech World

Israel’s high tech industry is booming, providing a pretty big variety of options even for non techie people. The wide range of options here makes it pretty easy to find a job in an Israeli company. Mapped in Israel  is a website that gives an overall picture of what’s hot or not, and includes a great job board.

Head to the jobs tab and check out the options for your desired job in the Israeli startup scene.

2. Jobs in Israel listings

Here’s a great list for you job seekers from the aliya support organisation Nefesh Benefesh.

3. Easy jobs

If you are living in one of the big cities and just need a quick job, consider the tourism industry. Many bars, clubs and restaurants are in desperate need for a foreign language speaker and it’s a great opportunity to get a fast, well paying job.

4. Check out the local websites

Craigslist was never big in Israel for some reason, and still isn’t. Finding a job in Israel is mainly done via other websites, check out this one is:

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