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The Little Western Wall

If you are on the Temple Mount exit through the Iron Gate (Bab al Hadid, Sha’ar HaBarzel) and immediately turn to your right to enter HaKotel HaKatan, the Little Western Wall,  a Jewish religious site located in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City.

The Kotel Ha-Katan is actually a small part of the Western Wall of Har HaBayit, the Temple Mount, approximately 200 meters south of the Western Wall Plaza. The Kotel Ha-Katan is close to the mid point of the Western Wall of the Temple Mount, and it is the second closest place to the Holy of Holies (outside of the Temple Mount) where Jews can pray.  The closest location is down below within the Kotel Tunnels, and is exactly facing the Holy of Holies.

Little Western Wall

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