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Maayan Hagoshrim Kayaks


Hagoshrim Kayaks



Last week I drove up to Kibbutz Hagoshrim with my son and his children. We three generations manned two rubber kayaks and scooted down the shute to the river’s edge. The Family Kayak Route was not “white water” but it was sufficient for our delight and we had some waterfalls, too. Lucky that our sandwiches were wrapped well in plastic bags because we all got soaked with the water on the floor, other boats splashing and oars smacking the waves. It was great fun as we raced each other down the hour+ long river, bumping into the shore and other boats, sometimes on purpose and sometimes not. Many boats stopped along the way to have a picnic along the river bank. At  the end of the race we debarted and were returned to the entrance gate. There we sat and ate our sandwiches and bought cold drinks and icecream at the Hagoshrim Store. I rate Maayan Hagoshrim Kayaks as a highly recommended attraction in Israel. The kibbutz has not invested a lot of money in the facilities – but it all adds on to the “extreme” feeling of the attraction.

HaGoshrim Kayaks – Haniyon Ma’ayan You can’t beat this for fun! Remember children have to be min. 5 years old.

Come and enjoy the most challenging rafting in the Galilee – fun for all the family – floating down the river, past banks of natural greenery, feeling the cool refreshing waters, glimpsing the myriad birds and wild animals that make it their home.

Speedy Slide into the Hatzbani River:

The routes begin with a unique kayak slipway adding a special something to the cool-water experience!

Family Route:

For all the family (from age 5 upwards).
Length of route: approx. 5 km.
Length of time: between 1-1 ½ hours.

Challenge Route:

Without accompanying instructor.
Length of route: approx. 6 km.
Length of time: between 1 ¼ and 2 hours.
At the end of the route you’ll find an appetizing snack-bar, and changing-rooms for your convenience. Many attractions such as camping, trekking, sound and light show, 4-wheeled ATV tours, bicycle tours, mini-zoo, cliff climbing are available nearby.
Booking/Arrangements: Tel: 04-6816034, FAX: 04-6816036

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