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The Israel National Museum of Science Technology and Space

I just returned from a family visit to the MadaTech Museum in Haifa. Both the adults and children found the museum to be exciting and educational – really top notch. As my grandson says, “MadaTech presents science by experience and fun.”  The Technion Museum can be visited by all ages, but I recommend 6+. Although the exhibition is for Hebrew speakers, Anglophones and others can enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the historical building and can participate in the fun of the permanent exhibits demonstrating the various aspects of modern science:

Noble Energy Science Park at MadaTech 

 A Jewel for my Wife

Green Energy Exhibition

Smile! It’s Science

Fly High – Aviation Exhibition

A Matter of Chemistry

Leonardo da Vinci

Dark Room

Mirror, Mirror Hall

From Calculations to Computers

Puzzles & Games

Visual Deceptions

The Secrets of Life

The Printing Press Exhibition

My green Home Exhibition

Magical Science

A Toy’s Story

I have been to this museum before, but  each special exhibit is worthy of a new visit, and perhaps membership in the Museum Society.  The present special exibit is:-

Beyond Planet Earth:

The Future of Space Exploration, a new exhibition in collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History from New-York. The exhibition offers a vision of the future of space travel as it boldly explores our next steps in our solar system and beyond. The exhibition takes visitors on humanity’s journey to explore the next frontier, either ourselves or via robotic proxies, which have already traveled to every planet in our solar system. Future missions highlighted in Beyond Planet Earth, once limited to the realm of science fiction but today discussed by leading scientists and engineers, include building a space elevator on the surface of the Moon, deflecting a hazardous near-Earth asteroid, and traveling to Mars—perhaps even establishing colonies there.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets to the 3D full-experienmovie at the in-house “CinemetriX”. Now playing (Masa be Yakum) “Voyage in the Universe” – The film is in Hebrew.



Established in 1983, Madatech is housed in historic landmark buildings, located in the heart of a 7acres green campus in mid-town Haifa. Designed at the turn of the 20th century, by renowned German Jewish architect, Alexander Baerwald, it was originally home to the Technion – Israel’s Institute of Technology, the country’s first academic institution.

The Historic Technion Building
25 Shmariyahu Levine St. / 12 Balfour St
Hadar Hacarmel 44927
Haifa 31448

Ph: 04-8614444
Fax: 04-8679103
Faxmail: 03-6177134

Disabled facilities and access available


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