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Maon Synagogue

The Maon Synagogue

The famous Maon Synagogue was found in an archaeological site in the Negev Desert close to Horvat Maon near Kibbutz Nirim. This is the site of the Hellenistic city of  Menois, mentioned by Eusebius. Menois appears in the Madaba Map in Jordan. The last renovation of the synagogue is from the 6th-century. The original building was probably much earlier. The synagogue is built on the basilica plan with a semi-circular apse to contain a Torah Ark.

The Maon Mosaic Floor

The synagogue is well know for the magnificent mosaic floor. The design displays an amphora, bird, animal, fruit, wine processing, a menorah flanked by two lions, etrogs, a shofar, a lulav and Aramaic inscription. A similar mosaic was found in a nearby church at Shallal. An identical floor was found in the ancient synagogue in Gaza.
Maon Synagogue Mosaic
Synagogue Mosaic
Maon Synagogue Mosaic
Synagogue Mosaic - Wiki Commons from 'Land of Israel,' photo by Beno Rothenberg, Shocken Pub., Tel Aviv, 1958
Maon Synagogue Mosaic

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