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Mearat HaKeshet

“Mearat HaKeshet” (the arched cave), in the hills of the Western Galilee in Kibbutz Adamit. The arch is an extraordinary miracle of nature, and for the particularly rugged, rappelling is an option at this stop. The day I visited the IDF was going through rappelling exercises.

While approaching the cave, take the time to appreciate the local flora. You will be walking along the Amir Meital Trail above the Bezet Stream to the Keshet Cave  and will pass the memorial of the the soldiers who were killed, including Amir Mei-Tal, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev by the Hezbollah in July 2006 – the incident that began the 2nd Lebanon – Israel conflict.  There are two ceremaic plaques in the memorial area. At the bottom of the plaque are the dates of Amir’s birth and death.

Speechless wonder is the reaction to the astounding beautiful vision seen though the Arch of the Keshet Cave at the Adamit Park in the Galilee. One of the most amazing natural wonders in Eretz Yisrael, the Me’arat Hakeshet — also known as the Rainbow Cave or Arch Cave — can be found up against the Israel-Lebanon border just a few kilometers from Rosh Hanikra and the sparkling blue Mediterranean Sea. It is situated amid the wild scenery on the cliffs of Nachal Betzet and Nachal Namer, on the Adamit Ridge.

Why is this place called a cave? As this is actually a huge rock arch hanging between heaven and earth, above the landscape of the Western Galilee region, high up on Ramat Admit (Admit Heights or mountain ridge). Although it is still impressive on second, third and even forth visit, but where is the cave here? Apparently this arch is only what remains from the ceiling of a cave which has collapsed a long time ago. And it is this remnant that is the best natural attraction in the area, especially due to the observation point overlooking the landscape around it which it provides, making it almost like flying a light aircraft. And yes, it is as scary as it sounds, but also great fun. The views include the ridge of Rosh HaNikra, the Haifa Bay, the Carmel, Yehi’am Fortress,Mount Meron, and more. In order to make the experience complete, it is very much recommended to start with the path which leaves from the “Khenyonof” (meaning: view park) and come back to it through the wilder and rockier “Amir Meital” trail. Arrival through road number 8993.


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