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Metzudat Koach


Nebi Yusha

This small Shi’a Moslim village settled in the 18th Century by the al-Ghul family who built the shrine for Nabi Yusha’ (Prophet Joshua – Joshua Bin-Nun), which included a mosque. The village has been mostly destroyed, during  Operation Yiftach in the Israeli War of Independence, with the exception of the shrine and few deserted village houses. The shrine for al-Nabi Yusha’ is still standing, but in need of serious renovation. The Arab residents became refugees in Syria and Lebanon. The land of the village was incorporated into Kibbutz Ramot Naftali.

Nabi Yusha



Metzudat Koach

The building is a Tegert Fort police station commission by the British for the Mandate Police. The contractor was Solel Boneh. There were five Tegert Forts built on the northern border: Nebi Yusha, Shomera, Sasa, Avivim and Ya’ara – altogether 60 in the whole country. In addition 32 security pillboxes were constructed along the norther border. Ko’ah in gematria corresponds with the number 28 – the number of casualties among the elite Palmach soldiers in this battle and nearby battles over the next three days.  The Israel Trail – Shvil Yisrael passes through the memorial.

Metzudat Koach
Metzudat Koach


Metzudat Koach
Metzudat Koach
Metzudat Koach - Hand grenade box
Metzudat Koach – Hand grenade box

Memorial and Mass Grave

Metzudat Koach Memorial commemorates the 28 soldiers who fell during the conquest of the fortress and nearby battles during the War of Independence. Nineteen of the 22 casualties from the first Nebi Yusah battle were buried in the nearby mass grave. Among them the force’s commander, Dudu Cherkasky.

Metzudat Koah
Metzudat Koah
Nebi Yusha Memorial and Mass Grave
Nebi Yusha Memorial and Mass Grave
Nebi Yusha Memorial and Mass Grave
Nebi Yusha Memorial and Mass Grave


HaReut Museum

The Brotherhood Museum includes five areas:

  • The British Police and the history of the region
  • The Galilee in 1948
  • Training the soldiers
  • The battles to conquer the fortress
  • The memorial

Opening hours:

  • Sun-Thurs 09:00-16:00
  • Fri and day before holidays: 09:00-13:00
  • Sat and holidays: 09:00-15:00

Tel: 04-6432810

Email: hareut@shimur.org.il

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