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Mitzpe Ramon Visitor Center

The Visitor Center

Opened in 2013, the new Mitzpe Ramon Visitor Center, is set on the 300 m high northern cliffs of the Ramon Crater (Makhtesh Ramon). This new center replaces an the older, run down museum that resided here for many years. The Center and the Makhtesh give the city of Mitzpe Ramon, which was founded in 1951, a raison d’etre and a good reason to visit. Mitzpe Ramon now offers a gamut of tourist hotels from 5-stars to hostels and campsites to a Bedouin inn. Once you have seen the crater from above you will want to participate in a jeep, bicycle or camel tour in the Ramon Makhtesh, or perhaps rappel down the cliffs.

The Center serves two purposes:

  1. The geological exhibition which explains the processes which led to the creation of the makhtesh  (over 40km long at its widest point). See below.
  2. The Center also serves as a museum and memorial for Israeli astronaut,  Ilan Ramon.

Of course other then his name, Ilan Ramon had no connections with either the makhtesh or the city. The curators of the visitor center exploit this coincidence to draw tourist traffic. However, the tourists definitely profit by this and receive a fine museum.

The center does offer a rooftop observation deck as well as a world-class glass-floor platform similar to the Grand Canyon. Leave yourselves at least one hour for your tour.

  • Opening Hours:
  • Summer – 8:00 to 17:00. Fridays and holiday eves 8:00 to 16:00
  • Winter – 8:00 to 16:00. Fridays and holiday eves 8:00 to 15:00


  • Entry fees:
  • Adults 29  NIS
  • Children 15 NIS


  • Address: Ma’ale Ben Tur St 1, Mitzpe Ramon
  • Phone08-658-8691

Take a look at my photos of the Center.

How is a Makhtesh Created?

You don’t have to be a geologist to understand this beautiful exhibit. This is family friendly and is great for children and adults.


Fauna in the Ramon Crater (as seen in the Mitzpe Ramon Visitor Center)

This may be a desert but there are plenty of wild life out there. Since most of us a city-folks, we definitely require this introduction to desert animals.


Tourist Service at the Mitzpe Ramon Visitor Center (could be better)

If you want to “go” you have to pay. Maybe I am just stingy.

No free toilets in Mitzpe Ramon
No free toilets in Mitzpe Ramon

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