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Mitzpe Shalom

Peace Vista – מצפה שלום

הורד (2)

(Peace Vista), Kfar Haruv, Ramat HaGolan, Israel

The Peace Vista is situated on the high basalt cliffs of the Southern Golan Heights above the untamed gardens of a beautiful nature reserve with spectacular views of the Sea of Galilee spread out in its entire length and width, Mt. Hermon, hills of the Galilee, Mt. Tabor and the fields of the Jordan Valley. Make sure your tour guide stops at Mitzpe Shalom. Here you can view Israel settlements as the Syrian Army did before 1967. The members of Kfar Haruv designed Peace Vista to signify their longing for permanent peace in the region. On your way to the Vista you pass luscious kibbutz agricultural fields. Gift store and toilets are open at the Vista.





Peace Vista Country Lodge


In the heart of this magical scenery lies the village with its wooden cabins, luxurious suites and unique holistic experience:
“A breeze over the water”…







Bikta Restaurant at Mitzpe Hashalom


At Mitzpe Shalom in the magnificent southern Golan Heights, at the edge of a basalt precipice overlooking a breathtaking panoramic landscape of the Sea of Galilee, Mount Hermon, the Galilee mountains, the peak of Mount Tavor and the fields of the Jordan Valley, lies the Bikta (“Hut”) Restaurant, a Kosher meat restaurant that specializes in smoking and aging choice cuts of meat. Bikta’s abundant menu is based on a selection of savory meat entrees, such as aged entrecote, sirloin, breast of veal and more. Their unique dishes of beef, lamb and young chickens are served in individual pots, and the menu offers a host of delicacies. An extravagant salad bar is offered free of charge to accompany any entrée you order.




How to Arrive

By way of Coursi Junction – moderate ascent.
From Tzemach Junction go eastward on Road 98. After approximately 3 km turn left towards Ein-Gev and Katzarin.
Keep going till Coursi Junction, and go up in the direction of Ramat Ha’golan until Pick Junction. Turn right and travel straight on until passing kibbutz Kfar Charub. About 200 meters southward is the right turn to Mitzpeh Ha’shalom.

By way of Chamat Gader – steep and twisted ascent.
From Tzemach Junction go eastward on Road 98 in the direction
of Chamat Gader. Before the entrance to Chamat Gader, turn left towards Ramat Ha’golan, the continuation of Road 98. The road goes up and twists until you reach the Golan Heights, and then it becomes straighter. After passing kibbutz Mevoh Chama, the entrance to Mitzpeh Ha’shalom will be your left.

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