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Moa – מואה

A Nabatean site on the Spice Route, built in the 1st century, a world Heritage Site. The Incense Route and Desert Cities of the Negev reflects the hugely profitable trade in frankincense and myrrh.

Moa Oasis – Eco Resort Arava, Israel

In a unique oasis , Moa was founded for the purpose of being a home for a culture of peace: inner peace of each individual, peace between a man and his fellow brother, between different segments ,races and cultures in our society, between nations and most of all between the humane race and the natural living environment.


Through ecological and holistic vision, built with local earth bricks and an architectural approach of simplicity and sustainability, all those in order to provide a base for workshops, conferences and gatherings in the magical ambiance of the desert.

Moa is surrounded by a vast ancient untouched desert ,located along the ancient Nabatean incense route, between the legend city of Petra towards the seaport of the Mediterranean in an area recently declared as a world heritage site.


Moa Overnight Campground

Moa Overnight Campground, located in the Negev, not far from moshav Tzofar, provides some kind of a historical justice, as in this place was located a Nabatean inn in which travelers who travelled the Nabatean Spice Route spent the night about 2,000 years ago. In short: history and desert all in one. Moa Overnight Campground is accessible to vehicles. It does not include water taps, toilets, showers or electricity. It is only you and what was left from the time of the Nabateans. Moa Overnight Campground is open throughout the year and is free of charge. It also serves travelers on the Israel National Trail, which provides fascinating encounters with interesting people. Beyond this, the campground serves as an excellent starting point for many trips in the Negev and Arava areas.
Arrival at Moa Overnight Campground: drive on road number 90 and about 1.5 kilometers to the south of Tzofar turn carefully west onto a dirt road, according to the signs.
Free parking and admission.

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