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Moreshet Yisrael Masorti (Conservative) Synagogue

Congregation Moreshet Yisrael – The Conservative Synagogue of Jerusalem

Moreshet Yisrael is Jerusalem’s egalitarian Masorti (Conservative) synagogue. That means that women are fully integrated in leading the prayer services and Torah reading. Musical instruments are used on Shabbat. The congregation was founded in 1972 for Jerusalem’s Anglo’s (English-speaking community) and tourists. The current spiritual leader is Rabbi Adam Frank. The synagogue is part of the Fuchsberg Jerusalem Center which includes the Agron Guest House, the Conservative Yeshiva and various youth and tourist projects. Those of you from the States, probably know what a conservative synagogue is, however in Israel they are very rare. There are some Israelis who go to “shul” (synagogue) on Saturday morning and soccer games on Saturday afternoon, however most are either religious or secular. It makes our country more interesting.

The synagogue building was originally a protestant church as you can see from the architecture. That is the reason that it does not point to the Temple Mount as you would expect from a synagogue. Necessary changes have been made and the stained glass windows are all new.

A Visit to Moreshet Yisrael

A Taste of Purim at Moreshet Yisrael

This cute clip from Purim will introduce you to this synagogue.


Address:  Congregation Moreshet Yisrael 4 Agron St. Jerusalem, Israel

Phone: 02-625-3539



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