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Mount Tzfachot

Mt Tzfachot Circular Trail

Climb Har Tzfachot on the southern tip of the Eilat Mountain range in the The Eilat Mountains Nature Reserve. This almost circular 4km hike culminates in superb views of the four countries whose borders meet around the Gulf of Eilat/Aqaba: Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. The cities which can be seen are Eilat, Akaba and Taba. Within reach of non-drivers and suitable for all ages and most fitness levels, the hike takes 2½-3 hours and is best enjoyed at sunrise or towards the end of the day.

Mount Tzfachot
Mount Tzfachot
Mount Tzfachot -
Mount Tzfachot View

The view of the Gulf of Eilat from the top was absolutely breathtaking! and a beautiful view of Eilat, Aqaba and the Gulf of Eilat. The decent towards the field school (from an altitude of 278m to sea level) is long and steep but worthwhile. The Israel Trail also passes over Mount Tzfachot.

Mount Tzafot is name after “tzifcha” the schist rock with large, flat, sheet-like grains of which the mountain is composed,especially at the peak.

Schist = tzifcha -
Schist = tzifcha

Bike up Mount Tzfachot

Mountain biking is one of the most popular sports in Israel. Try and tackle the red granite Eilat Mountains. More power to you!

Tip: When climbing up Mount Tzfachot don’t forget your hat, 3 liters of water/person, sun protection creme, sunglasses and food.

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