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Museum of the History of Eilat

Um Rash Rash

Um Rash-Rash was the site of a British police station between the years of 1940 and 1948. In 1949, Israeli forces reached the police station and raised an improvised flag of Israelprepared from a shirt and ink thereby establishing Israeli control over the southern-most city in Israel. The soldiers arrived at Um Rash-Rash after travelling through the desert from Beer Sheva in what was to be the last military operation of the Israeli Independence War. A year later the city of Eilat was established in the area around the police station. Only one building survived from the period and next to it is a monument that replicates the moving moment of the raisin of the ink flag. How to get there: The site is situated directly south of “Mul HaYam” Mall in Eilat.

“Eilat My City” Museum

The Eilat museum tells the history of the city of Eilat, highlighting milestones over the years. Photographs and displays in the museum include the ink flag being raised in Eilat after the city was liberated in 1949, the new port being opened along with the Straits of Tiran in 1956, and the peace agreement with Egypt in 1982. The museum has displays and information about the industry in the  Eilat region, such as the history of the Timna Copper Mines, which began production in 1958, including water issues, the salt and electricity companies, the Eilat port, Arkia, the underwater observatory and more.

One sector of the museum is devoted to matters relating to the natural environment surrounding the city, with another section devoted to the development of the city`s economy and tourism.

The museum also has displays which relate to terror in the area. The story of the 1954 ambush on the bus in Maale Akrabim, on its way to Eilat, is related, with an old restored bus from that time period on display alongside. A missile storage container which was captured from the smuggling boat Karina-A is also on display in the museum.

Tip: An explanation of the displays in English is available on a leaflet at the entrance to the museum. This is necessary for the displays which do not always have sufficient English, as well as to understand the layout of the museum.

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Tip: There is an entrance fee.

Tip: The museum is open from Monday-Thursday from 10:00-14:00.

Tip: The museum is located opposite the IMAX building in Eilat.

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