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Nabi Shouaib


Nabi Shouaib – Nabi Shu’ayb – شعيب – מתחם נבי שועייב

Nabi Shu’aib (meaning “the Prophet Jethro”) is the name used in English to refer to a site in the village of Hittin not far from Tiberias, where the tomb of the Islamic prophet Shuaib is believed to be located. The Druze make an annual pilgrimage there every April between the 25th and the 28th.

The grounds, grave and prayer rooms are maintained well. It is a real pearl in the Galilee. One may purchase a snack or tourist gifts and also picnic in the park. Don’t come in shorts or sleeveless tankers. They are forbidden. Non-believers must take off their shoes and don long Druze gowns to view the grave, but don’t step on the doorstep because devout Druze kiss the doorstep. Only Druze are allowed to stand near the grave. The attendents are very friendly.

I hiked down from the Horns of Hittin (Hattim), but you can drive directly to the site.It is close to Mount Arbel. You can see the multicolored Druze flag flying over the building. If you are in Tiberias, make a point to visit Nabi Shu’aib.


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