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Odem Forest

Yaar Odem

Odem Forest in the Golan heights, near Moshav Odem, is a stunning encounter with nature with apple and cherry orchards, deer that wander around freely, breath-taking landscapes, refreshing water pools and think forests. Odem Forest is, in fact, the largest Nature Reserve in the Golan Heights region. Twenty-three craters of different sizes can be found on the nature reserve and this unique natural phenomenon is probably a result of volcanic activity.


Bab al Hawa – Sha’ar Haruchot

Another interesting site here is the Winds Gate- an archaeological site containing remnants from the Iron Age an up until the Byzantine period.  There is an archeological site called Bab El Hawa (Gate of the Wind), where findings included artifacts thousands of years old.The name “Gate of the Wind” is a result of the cool weather and the western wind that blow in the region. Archeological excavations there disclosed artifacts from the Bronze Age to the Byzantine Period. The site was inhabited during the Iron Age and was destroyed by a major fire in the 9th century BCE. It was then abandoned for 800 years, until the Roman Era, when it was resettled.  Most of the structures were destroyed by a major earthquake, and, in the 6th century [CE], Bab El Hawa was settled by the Ghassanids who were Arabian Christians.

Additionally, much to the delight of fairy-tale lovers, there is a wishing tree decorated with ribbons also on site. A group of KKL-JNF tree experts discover a rare ancient cherry tree in Bab El Hawa, in the Golan Heights. In the Golan, next to Mount Bental, there is a wild cherry tree that has been there for hundreds of years, the only one discovered in Israel, and it not only reaches a height of 15 meters and is old, but it also bears fruit in the cherry season. How to get there: From Highway 959, between Bental Junction and Baron Junction in the northern Golan, where it intersects the Golan Trail, proceed on foot toward the village.

Deer Forest (Ya’ar HaAyalim)

In the Deer Forest area, in the village of Odem, deer, ibexes and gazelles wander around. The deer forest is located in the heart of redness, large oaks in the forest.
Deer forest park features:
Camping area for tents to sleep under the open skies (the place is suitable for 200 persons each)
You can get a mattress instead.
Parking nearby
With toilets and showers with hot water.
Picnic tables
Outdoor lighting + lights every think
There is barbecue facilities are available, but you can bring it with you.
For lighting a fire there in half-barrels are fully equipped kitchenette with refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle


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