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Ohn-Bar Guesthouse, Amirim


Terraced gardens, fruit trees and lush greenery, shrouded in privacy, wooden cabins and suites await you in the Upper Galilee. Each unique  cabin has its own qualities. Choose your favorite style: Bustan, Kinneret, Ofek, Eshed, Etz HaTut, HaBe’er, Ely Nof, Afam, Shachar, Shani, HaEtz HaGadol, Bat Harim, Horesh and Ginat Egoz. For your next vacation choose a different cabin with another unique atmosphere. Returning guests receive discounts. Ohn-Bar Guesthouse is perfect for couples and families. It is rated 8.9 Fabulous by reviewers. The view facing the Galilee Hills is spectacular. You see Lake Kinneret on one side and the Golan Heights on the other. Members of my family stayed at Ohn-Bar twice this summer to relax and get away. I pass on their warm recommendation.

  • Free WiFi
  • Telephone (in cabins), fax (in the office)
  • Jacuzzi (in cabins)
  • Swimming pool
  • DVD library (no charge)
  • Laundry room and laundry service
  • Babysitting service
  • Air conditioning (If you prefer fans, they are available upon request.)
  • Vegetarian restaurants near by in the village (including Kosher)
  • Synagogue, mikve and separate sex swimming (after Tu B’Av), Shabbat hot-plate, hot-water pitcher and portable Shabbat timers are available.
  • Alternative therapeutic treatments available in the village
  • Infant playpens, highchairs and baby bathtubs and a small pool for toddlers on site.
  • Maps for hiking
Ohn Bar
Ohn Bar – Photo:


Moshav Amirim is a vegetarian and vegan village, established in 1958 high in the Galilee 600 meters above sea level. Barbecues and mangals are not allowed, and there are no meat products (including fish and fowl). Enjoy the restaurants, alternative treatments, local art galleries, jeep tours and hiking that the village has to offer.


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