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How to Pack a Backpack

What to pack and how to pack it

You always wanted to be a back packer and didn’t know where to start? Need some “Backpacking Tips”? See what to take in your backpack when hiking and backpacking for multiple days: pieces of equipment and core essentials.

On a standard hike for 2-6 days you should prepare a camel back canteen, water purification kit, 2 knives, 2 compasses, 2 head lights, LED flashlight, utility cord, fire starting kit, repair kit, collapsible saw, cooking kit, gas “stove”, liquid soap for cooking kit, fuel bottles, sleeping bag, tent, sleeping pad, ground cloth, dehydrated foods, granola bars, pair of pants/shorts, extra underpants, extra socks, activity shirt, fleece, various bags (including waterproof bags) and first aid kit.

Plan ahead. hikers and backpackers should remember sunglasses, sleeping bag, knife, first aid kit, wicking shirt, water bottle, flashlight, insect repellent, tent and stakes, lip balm, convertible quick drying hiking pants, bear spray and a watch. See below how to pack them.


How to Pack a Backpack – Traditional vs Lightweight

Packing a backpack: Traditional 85 liter pack vs lightweight 45 liter pack. The basics of how to pack a backpack for maximum comfort and balance while hiking. When packing a lightweight pack you do not have room for a full change of clothing. The tent and the sleeping bag for a lightweight pack are much lighter weight and smaller. Keep the heaviest things close to your back and lighter things farther from your back. Fill your pot and pan with small stuff. Keep your toilet paper (in a water proof bag) and fire lighter at immediate access. Water filter, first aid kit, head lamp, snacks and knife should be in outer pouches. Tie the tent poles vertically on the sides of the pack. Your warm layer and raincoat can be tied above the lid.

Are you ready? Want some useful tips? Don’t forget you map, knife, rope, sleeping bag (I did once and I will never forget that), glucose powder (for ultra light hiking), bug spray, flashlight and spare batteries.

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