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Palestinian Doors **

Song and Doors of Palestine YouTube

Fayrouz, the “First Lady of Lebanese Singing”, performs the song of Joseph Harb and Filemon Wehbe, Palestine Doors, with photos of doors in Palestine photographed by Maysa Alshaer.

You will have to forgive me again for posting media uploaded by anti-Israeli, pro-Palestinian sources but music is music, doors are doors, and art is art. I pray that some day Israelis and Arabs can visit each other’s homes and pass through doors of peace.

أدعو الله أن يتمكن الإسرائيليون والعرب يومًا ما من زيارة منازل بعضهم البعض وأن يعبروا أبواب السلام

Fayrouz  Sings: Al Aboub – Palestinian Doors

Al Aboub – Palestinian Doors

Songs and Pictures From Palestine – Palestine Doors

  • Lyrics: Joseph Harb
  • Composed by: Filemon Wehbe
  • The singer is the famous Fayrouz
  • The photos are by Maysa Alshaer


Nouhad Wadie’ Haddad (نهاد وديع حداد‎; born November 21, 1935), known as Fayrouz (فيروز‎), is a Lebanese singer who is one of the most admired and influential singers in the Arab world. Her songs are constantly heard across the region and broadcast on the radios each morning. She is also known as an icon in modern Arabic music and has sold over 150 million records worldwide, making her and Umm Kulthum the two best-selling Middle-Eastern artists of all time.

Fairuz in Beiteddine Concert 2001 Photo:Wissam Chidiak Palestine Doors
Fairuz in Beiteddine Concert 2001
Photo:Wissam Chidiak

Throughout her life had been a dedicated advocate of the Palestinian cause. She has devoted numerous songs and performances to Palestinian issues. Even so the Lebanese singer Fayrouz is fashionable today in Israel. The Israeli mainstream is opening up to Arab music, whether sung by musicians from the Arab world or by local singers.

Read More – Maysa Alshaer is a blogger, Instagramer, and the founder of Kazdora w Sora (literary: Pleasant Walks and Images), a blog of photographic walking tours from all over Palestine. After ten years of engaging in photography and documenting cities in Palestine and other countries, Maysa presented her own photo exhibition, Ana aind alshobak (Me at the Window), which displays images of cities and offers her thoughts about these cities. In 2017, Maysa and her team created the first photo festival in Palestine. – Fayez M. Al Shrouf is a blogger of Songs and Pictures of Palestine. Strangely enough, Google Translate gives the name of the blog in Hebrew to read “Songs of Pictures of the Land of Israel”.

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