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Palestine Tourism


These “chutzpadik” videos share a fantasy view of Palestine, touting a cultural and natural heritage and the spirit of a Palestinian people:- all from the point of view of the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities. However, most of the itinerary sites are pre-1967 Israel and clearly Israeli. A few are in Samaria and Judaea in areas under Israeli control. In fact Hoshvilim has been to many of these sites, both as an IDF reservist and as a peaceful civilian tourist. Some other sites are out-of-bounds for Israelis – at least Jewish Israelis. Just imagine what a grand tourist venture would be possible if the Palestinians and the Israelis were able to cooperate, at least on tourism. The clip was funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)   another United Nations commission that lives in Never-Never Land.


Palestine-tourism-ad – ammap

“Palestine is the land of many faiths.” But not for Jews.


This clip has drafted even the Western Wall and Masada into Palestine.

I wonder how Israeli Arab and Palestinian Authority Tour Guides present this subject to their tourist guests.


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Cameling in the holy land since forever
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