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Palestine pre-1948 *

Palestine pre-1948, Palestine before Israel - Screen Shot from YouTube

Palestine pre-1948, Palestine before the State of  Israel

The video contains pictures of different Palestine Palestinian cities during the 1920’s and 1930’s, during the British Mandate, before the creation of the State of Israel by the Zionists in 1948. The video was dedicated by its producers to Palestinians of all religions across the globe and all those longing to return to a peaceful & free homeland. That is what you learn if you only read the title.

Actually this film was created by the PalestineATW, a Christian Arab YouTube channel, which shows interest in Arab music and dance, but also backs Arab terrorism, Right of Return and anti-Israeli songs such as “Gaza War: Julia Boutros – Righteousness is My Weapon” and “Ode to the girls of Palestine”. Both songs encourage Arab terrorism.

Although I do not agree with my “PalestineATW” neighbors, I do find great value of the unique photographs of the Arab population of the British Mandate for Palestine at work and play.

Another example of “Palestinian” propaganda is the following film. I enjoyed all the beautiful, historical photos up to 5:05 where the publisher began his political message. This clip for all people to see the Beauty of the Palestinian People. Music: Joaquin Rodrigo, lyrics: Helmut Lotti, sung by Lotti All. Photos (b&w) from

Palestine MUST SEE Old Palestine now known as Israel, (RARE FOTOS)

These rare photos of what was a territory in the Ottoman Empire and later became the British Mandate for Palestine during the period 1900 – 1940. The peace and beauty and calmness of these lands allowed its people, ” The Arabs”, to live a simple life, their eyes happy and smiling. However the propaganda begins at 3:26 at the end of the movie with the picture of the woman just hanging on a dying tree.

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