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Parsat Nekarot

Nekarot Horseshoe – Parsat Nekarot

Parsat Nekarot (פרסת נקרות) is part of Nahal Nekarot, a 3-km long twist that looks on the map like a horseshoe in the Negev Ramon Crater. This wadi or canyon is relatively narrow, but comfortable for hiking. It is a corridor of White hard limestone, polished by flow of sandy water during occasional floods.Surprisingly enough the canyon has rich desert vegetation. The canyon’s drainage basin covers a wide area, saving water for plants during the long dry season in the riverbed.  This is the home of  acacia raddiana, acacia tortilis, acacia strap flower, spiny zilla, taily weed, gnidium, and deverra tortuosa. Nubian ibexes feed on this vegetation. Nekarot Horseshoe is perfect for trekking. There is a great circular trail for the whole family. Don’t forget hiking boots, hat, sunguard, and lots of water.

Maktesh Ramon Map - Parsat Nekarot - Nekarot Curve - By Tamuz (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Parsat Nekarot
Parsat Nekarot

Nubian Ibex

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