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Ramla Museum

The Ramla Museum presents the history of the city from its founding in the 8th century AD and to this day.

Ramla Museum
Ramla Museum

The most amazing exhibition is dedicated to the coins of Ramla city and the three buried treasures discovered in and around the city. Particularly worthy of note is the buried gold treasure from the Abassi period, which includes 376 gold coins and six golden ingots.

Model of White Tower
Model of White Tower
Golden Treasure
Golden Treasure
Golden Treasure
Golden Treasure
Life-size model of "Ma'abara"
Life-size model of “Ma’abara”

Address: 112 Herzl Street, Ramla



  • Sunday-Thursday at 10:00-16:00
  • Fridays and holiday eves at 10:00-13:00

Reservations for groups:

  • Tel: 08-9292650
  • Fax: 08-9292450
  • City service center – 08-9771780/79

Coordination of combined visits to the Pool of Arches, the White Tower and the Ramla Museum (12 NIS per person): 08-921 6873

Reservations for a combined tour, please click here.

For a change I have added a short video in Hebrew about Ramla antiquities and the  Gold Treasure in the Ramla Museum. The reason for this is that the clip features the Director of the Ramla Museum, Ron Peled. When I recently visited the Ramla Museum, I had the pleasure of meeting him and was very impressed by him. His dream is to brand the Ramla Museum, the White Tower and the Pool of Arches into one unified authentic attraction  – together with Ramla’s other attractions: the Ramla-Lod Market on Wednesdays, the Church of St. Nicodemus and St. Joseph of ArimatheaAl-Omari Mosque and  the Universal Karaite Judaism Center. Ron described his plans to rebuild the museum his dream for a new and modern Ramla. I wish him the best of luck to achieve his dream.


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