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Rosh Hanikra

The Israel-Lebanon border is marked by a steep, white chalk cliff. At the base of the cliff are cavernous tunnels which are reached by cable car. These are the Rosh Hanikra Grottos. The site is popular with tourists. Unfortunately the Rosh Hanikra website is only in Hebrew, but the photos are nice. One ticket for Cable Car, Grotto, audio-visual presentation and railroad tunnel.

The Mediterranean Sea

You can view the Mediterranean Sea to the South from Rosh Hanikra. Don’t worry. You are protected here. The Mediterranean Sea Coast is inviting you. Look at these colors!

Rosh Hanikra Cable Car

This may not be the longest cable car in the world, but the view of the Mediterranean is great. Children love it! And so did I. This is The longest Cable Car in Israel.

The Electric Golf Carts to Achziv

Drive or bike down the entire length of the sea shore promenade to Akhzivland.

Tourist activities on the coast
Tourist activities on the coast

British Mandate Railway Bridge and Tunnel

The British Cairo-Istanbul railway tunnel was a strategic element in the defense of the British Mandate from the threat of German invasion from Egypt which would threaten oil supplies from Iraq during WWII. There was also a threat by pro-German Vichy French forces who controlled Lebanon from June 1940 until July 1941.

The aim of Operation Markolet (known as Night of the Bridges) on March 3, 1948 was to destroy 8 bridges linking British Mandatory Palestine to Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt, in order to cut off British Army transportation. See below:

British Mandate Railway
British Mandate Railway

The British Mandate Railway Bridge and Tunnel were built by the 10th New Zealand Railway Contruction Company, New Zealand Engineers. There are a dozen cemeteries for British Empire soldiers killed here in WWI and WWII. Let’s hope that some day we will be able to repair their railroad bridge and tunnel between Israel and Lebanon for peaceful tourism and trade.

The Rosh Hanikra Grotto and The Elephant’s Leg


Rosh Hanikra is Tourist Friendly

The audio-visual presentation takes place in the old British Mandate RR Tunnel. It is in most of the languages of incoming tourists. Would you like to suggest another tongue?

Multi-lingual Film Exhibition
Multi-lingual Film Exhibition

Rosh Hanikra Info

Combined tickets are available:

  • Rosh Hanikra + electric golf cart
  • Rosh Hanikra + Old Acco
  • Rosh Hanikra + Ghetto Fighters Museum in Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot


  • Sun-Mon-Tue-Wed-Thur:09:00-17:00
  • Fridays and days before holidays: 098:00-16:00

Yad Leyad – Near Rosh Hanikra

This memorial honors 14 Palmach fighters who were killed during the “Night of the Bridges” campaign in 1946, protesting the British decision to close Palestine to Jewish immigrants.

Yad Leyad
Yad Leyad
Yad Leyad
Yad Leyad

Medinat Achziv – Near Rosh Hanikra

“Akhzivland” Overnight Campground was founded by Eli Avivi in the 1970’s(and self-declared a “state”). Akhzivland offers guest rooms and a camping area for your own tents.

Medinat Achziv
Medinat Achziv

Read also: Achziv to Rosh Hanikra Promenade 

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