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Saar Falls

Saar_River_Waterfall_Golan_Heights Photo:אורנה לוטן


Sa’ar Falls

The Saar Falls in the Golan Heights are both amazingly picturesque and easily accessible. Found just off Road 99, some four kilometers from the Nimrod Fortress, the waterfalls are best visited in the winter or spring when the water and snow from Mount Hermon are still making their descent to the Sea of Galilee. In the summer and autumn, the falls are reduced to a mere puddle so be sure to time your trip right!
If you’re not into hiking, and if you don’t feel like paying the entrance fee for a nature reserve (to see, say, the Tanur Falls or the Banias waterfall), then Saar Falls is just perfect. It’s way north – halfway betwen Kiryat Shmona and the Hermon. Located just a few steps from the road (there’s parking across the road), this is a gorgeous waterfall, with powerfully rushing streams, and well-placed observation points to take it all in. If you’re in the mood, there’s a short hiking trail, including a bridge and a bit of a climb, with additional vantage points and more stunning views. If you’re up in the north of the country in early spring, don’t miss this attraction – it’s nature at its best.


[Saar River Waterfall Golan  Heights – Photo:אורנה לוטן]

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