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Seniors Trips to Israel


Golden Agers have the time to enjoy themselves in a new and special way: No longer worried about limited vacation time, and without having to consider school breaks, they are free to make their own decisions about when to take the trip they’ve been dreaming of.

What kind of tour are Seniors looking for?

  • Seniors choose escorted tours to allow quick transfers, arrange accommodations, entrance fees, refreshments and restrooms (!!!).
  • Seniors prefer going at a slower more leisurely pace and with more rest stops and an air-conditioned luxury motor coach.
  • Seniors prefer tours that cover Israeli highlights and are flexible enough to meet their requests.
  • Seniors enjoy meeting real Israelis.
  • Today’s Seniors ask for casual trails suitable for elderly people’s needs. Senior Tours must take into consideration accessibility, mobility, and ability to do stairs.
  • Seniors want to hear local Israeli speakers explain about the country.
  • Seniors require a tour guide and tourist agency attuned to their medical needs, wishes and limitations. Often Seniors request a customized tour.

Senior Tours can be non-denominational, Jewish or Christian depending on their preferences.

Jewish Senior Tours

Jewish Seniors may choose to arrange special Bar Mitzva tours with their grandchildren. Many Jewish Seniors come on a Synagogue Tour of Israel together with their local Rabbi. Jewish Seniors can vet for visits to an Israeli Reform synagogue or an Israeli Conservative synagogue. Today, there Jewish Seniors who want to experience Israel for the first time. These tours are called “Birthright Tours for Boomers”.

Seniors Trips to Israel -
Seniors Trips to Israel

Christian Denomination Seniors Tours

Israel offers unique Senior itineraries for each Christian denomination, based on each denomination’s churches and holy sites. Unique tours are available for Protestant/Evangelical, Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Churches. Many Christian Seniors are interested in a Bible Tour which centers on Biblical Archaeology and the scriptures relevant to each site. Others prefer a Pilgrim Tour of holy sites following in the footsteps of Jesus.

Christian Senior Tours
Christian Senior Tours

Seniors Discount

Israel’s seniors get discounts into museums, parks and many attractions. If you have a seniors’ card inquire if you can also obtain a discount.

Seniors Trips to Israel -
Seniors Trips to Israel


Most attractions, museums, beaches and hotels in Israel have access for the handicapped.


Senior Trips to Israel can be exciting, with plenty of adventure, but also provide home comforts. Seniors can to explore the past and dream of the future on a Senior Trip to Israel. At the same time they participate in an itinerary with extraordinary archaeological sites and cutting-edge high tech industry. No wonder that many Golden Agers come to visit Israel’s beautiful beaches, learn Israel’s history, enjoy great Israeli restaurants and hotels. Many take the opportunity for some meaningful volunteer work.


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