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Han Shacharut

Han Shacharut (Chan Shacharut) used to be a very nice retreat center, on the ridge overlooking the Arava Valley. You could stay in beduin style tents (pretty formidable though and they are permanent) or adobe one room (small) buildings. I stayed there with friends on Shvil Yisrael and it was delightful. You slept on mattresses, you had a wood burning stove, privacy from other people staying in other parts of the tent, comraderie and socializing with others. Unfortunately the Han has been sold and has been closed. A modern boutique desert experience hotel is presently being constructed.




Shaharut (Hebrew: שַׁחֲרוּת) is a communal settlement 40 kilometers north of Eilat, in the Southern District of Israel ,and 6 kilometers west of Yotvata on a ridge above the Arava Valley in the far south of IsraelThe word “Shaharut” means “youth”, as in Ecclesiastes chapter 11. It is the only settlement in the area that is not in the valley itself. It belongs to the Hevel Eilot Regional Council. It was founded in 1985 and is named after the nearby Shaharut Mountain. As of 2010, twenty eight families live there amounting to 120 people.


Mikdash HaNemerim (The Tigers Temple)

Mikdash HaNemerim (The Tigers Temple) is an ancient site in the east of the Ovda Valley that is dated to the 5th century BCE. Mikdash HaNemerim (The Tigers Temple) is named so because of the images of tigers that were created by the placement of small stones on the ground. Mikdash HaNemerim (The Tigers Temple) served a semi-nomadic society. Mikdash HaNemerim (The Tigers Temple) is an open temple that is typical of the desert. It contains small stone monuments and round stone altars.


Kasui Valley

Head for the Kasui valley and its sand dunes. The sand dune here was one of the few places in the Negev that looked like your classic sandy desert instead of lots of rocks. Running down it was a blast – it felt like running on puffs of air.


Kibbutz Neot Semadar

Kibbutz Neot Semadar is located in the Southern Negev Desert of Israel, about 60 km. north of Eilat. The Kibbutz was established in 1989 by a group of friends interested in creating a learning community that focuses on cooperation and creativity in daily life. As individuals in a dynamic community, members explore what it means to live together as co-learners, observing themselves in everyday activities and relationships. The interest in relationship extends to the environment through organic farming, desert architecture, water recyclingThe Art Center and more. Today there are 90 adult members (families and singles), 70 children of various ages, and about 50 volunteers of all ages. These volunteers, from Israel and from abroad,come to Neot Semadar to find a fresh and independent perspective on life.  

Pundak Neot Semadar

Pundak Neot Semadar is a restaurant, cafe and a shop that carries all of our local organic products grown and made in the Kibbutz. It sits on the road leading from Mitzpeh Ramon to Eilat (Rt.40), in a shaded green oasis surrounded by the desert. It is a good point for a stop on the long road for snack and refreshment. Here we serve light vegetarian meals, combining cheeses and juices produced and grown on the organic farm of the kibbutz, along with good coffee, home made cakes and ice cream. A choice of Neot Semadar’s organic products are sold here:wine, olive oil, pickled olives, juices, jams and dried fruit. These are all produced from fruit grown in the pollution-free desert environment and processed in small plants, paying careful attention to organic ingredients and given a homemade touch. They offer several cheeses and yogurts made from fresh goat milk. [The milk products are Kosher.]

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