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Shechoret Canyon

Shechoret Canyon – קניון שחורת

Travel by car to this beautiful canyon ( “Black Canyon” or Nachal Shechoret) , where you can see first-hand the geological formations that make up this landscape. Have a look at a fault line and what the effect has been of “plate tectonics” in the Eilat mountains. At the end of the trip, you can have a look at a 19th century Bedouin leopard trap, before returning to the car. (2-3 hours).

Har Shechoret

I have been to Har Shechoret before when I climbed Har Shechoret on Shvil Yisrael on my way south to Eilat. It was so exciting.

Hike through a wadi (Arabic for nachal, which is Hebrew for riverbed) and, after seeing a few scattered acacia trees, the only trees able to survive in the harsh climate, you descend into the Canyon Shechoret–the Black Canyon. This canyon is so named because it is made out of Plutonian rocks that are very dark in color. The mountain above the canyon, Har Shechoret, is actually divided by a massive fault line that dates back to 500 million years ago, when a shift of tectonic plates forced the limestone layers hundreds of meters higher, creating this line running from the middle of the ridge all the way across the Eilat Mts.

Descent from Har Shechoret


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